S$16.90 Unmatchable Best Value Wagyu Yakiniku Lunch @ Heijoen Japan Food Town on 4 & 6Sep2017

A5 wagyu rosu, harami, kurobuta & chicken 

had lunch with a friend at heijoen yakiniku japan food town level 4 wisma on 4.9.2017. ^^

this a good friend from my past live. i think we knew each other around 2000, when i was doing some startup investment business. 🙂

this S$16.90 yakiniku lunch lunch truly the best value meal!

i came back for the same S$16.90 lunch set with my sis & bil on 6.9.2017. ^^

heijoen yakiniku

heijoen is right at the end of japan food town shops, next to sabar.

heijoen yakiniku lunch menu 

the lunch sets looked pretty good value but no comparison with the S$16,90 promo lunch set.

this wagyu set really good, the best value = unmatchable!

S$16.90 best value wagyu yakiniku @ heijoen 

the yakiniku set included A5 wagyu rosu, harami, kurobuta & chicken!

and it is cheaper than the menu lunch set that had only USDA beef.

salad, pickles, rice, soup 

and incredibly the salad, pickles, rice, soup were all very nice. rice was like a bibimbap with some beef toppings though not the same preparation.




salad, pickles, soup all great!’


and the rice? best la!

heijoen yakiniku

the meats were delicious, yum yum!

wagyu rosu & harami, chicken & pork

wagyu rosu & harami, chicken & pork 

even the chicken was very good. & the kurobuta great!

the A5 wagyu of course 无得顶 mo tak teng (the best!)

panna cotta dessert

panna cotta dessert

& the panna cotta, also very nice la!

c.h.e.f andy


Yakiniku Heijoen



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