Just Average Chirashi Don at Standing Sushi Bar on 2Sep2017

chirashi don – S$30

my brother has a performance this evening = the grand finale of the 9th south east asian chinese poets symposium at china cultural centre queen street.

chirashi don – S$30

had good seats reserved but we needed to be early for the performance at 6.30pm so if we were to have a bite it should be nearby.

my RI bro CM & i arranged to have early dinner at standing sushi bar which is a few steps away at 5pm-ish. I parked at hotel royal which charged per entry from 5pm..all quite perfect.

chirashi don – S$30

my sis, her daughter & sil & their 2 yr old toddler happened to be around bugis during this time, and belatedly they decided to watch the poetry recital concert performance, so i asked them to join us for dinner. ^^

my sis ordered the same chirashi don.

for me, this chirashi don was ok not that great… and S$30 is too pricey for this standard. CM commented that the crabstick lowered the image of the dish.

the sashimi were thick cut & more like chikuwatei style. they were fresh & good sashimi but there was no premium cuts like toro, botanebi or akaebi, or even amaebi, just a cooked prawn, no uni etc.

they have promotion S$19,90 for this same chirashi don on sunday. i think that would be a more reasonable price.

for this, i think tanuki raw (orchard central) chirashi don lunch at S$22.90 was better deal. ok maybe not by much too – just uni & negi toro!

mango maki

mango maki

vegetarian don

vegetarian don

my niece & her husband are buddhist & vegetaran.

they ordered the vegetarian don, a mango maki & another maki.

the vegetarian should be ok..the mango maki looked fine too.

overall, just an average place with so many sushi & sashimi places including the japan food town stalls around.

i don’t mind this but wouldn’t specially come here. la…

c.h.e.f andy


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