5pax Family Home Dinner for Wife’s Brother & SIL on 13Mar2018

5pax dinner

wife’s brother bought something for us & coming by our place, so wife decided we have a simple homecooked family dinner on 13.3.2018. ^^

youngest daughter joined for 5pax dinner.

chicken rice & other dinner dishes

today i cooked chicken rice for them.

rice was very “pang”, just like the farewell lunch for AC i did for teban gardens staff & volunteers last week on 7.3.2018. 🙂

my bil & his wife loved it a lot.

chicken rice chicken白斩鸡

chicken was smooth, tender & most importantly moist & tasty, even the breast meat, and that really tells a good 白斩鸡 from a mediocre one…

chicken rice chicken白斩鸡

chicken rice chicken白斩鸡

such a beauty!

hk steamed sotong

i was at chinatown market yesterday to buy batang fish & prawns for the 12pax RI friends asian curry dinner tomorrow on 14.3.2018.

i saw the small sotong were fresh so i bought a plate S$5.

hk steamed sotong

i had very nice hk steamed sotong at crab at bay on 28.12.2016, so nice we decided to order another plate that day! 🙂

it was really a simple dish, and top quality fragrant light soy sauce simply makes wonders…it is like hk steamed fish, just add olive oil (or veg oil) & light soy sauce, steam & voila!

aunty B’s long beans with dried olive vegetables橄榄菜 & minced pork

aunty B’s brocoli

my helper aunty B cooked the 2 vegetable dishes. as usual, very good!

as usual, wife’s sil brought dessert, longans with jelly, an excellent refreshing dessert!

a simple & very enjoyable family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

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