My Homecooked 14pax Teban Gardens Staff & Volunteers Farewell Lunch for AC & Wife on 7Mar2018

14pax lunch dishes

i made a 14pax lunch for teban gardens staff & volunteers today on 7.3.2018. ^^

this was a farewell lunch for AC & wife B who are taking up a 8 yr mission posting to udon thani near laos border.

KF, my close friend & jogging buddy LCH, &  WM also joined lunch.

14pax lunch dishes

i made 8 dishes-

1 claypot chicken rice
2 braised belly pork with mushrooms
3 teochew braised hock 卤元蹄
4 steamed minced pork with light soy sauce
5 claypot tanhoon prawns
6 白斩鸡, chicken rice & chilli
7 steamed angkoli fillet with taujeon lime sauce
8 fried kang kong & cuttlefish in nonya sauce

14pax lunch dishes

i can see everyone had a really enjoyable time…

claypot chicken rice has always been my most popular dish…everu friend & family loved it.

& claypot rice was good today..very flavourful & chicken was plump, tender & tasty..

it was upstaged & outvoted by the chicken rice though…everyone loved the chicken, and especially the rice – very flavourful, fried fragrant with chicken fat & cooked with intense chicken stock…

chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡

chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡

& K loved the chilli…

the chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡 was very tender & moist. even the breast meat very moist & sweet…

many liked the 元蹄braised hock too. i used the teochew light braise (own braising sauce) instead of the darker tai hua braising sauce..

very “pang”, flavourful, gelatinous & even the lean meat was moist & tasty…

#4 braised belly pork & mushrooms

the braised belly pork & mushrooms was ok..R commented the belly pork was very tender…i think the mushroom taste overpowered it a bit, so i think the taste of the 元蹄braised hock braising sauce was better…

the steamed minced pork with light soy sauce was another popular & talked about dish, with my many friends & also with this teban gardens gang..

it is so easy to make, just 2tbsp good fragrant light soy sauce, 2 tbsp olive oil & 1tbsp cornflour…

the taujeon lime juice steamed angkorli was ok…not many commented so i guess while it was ok, it was not a stand out dish..a hk steamed red garoupa would be better, but since i had the firmer, less tender texture of angkorli (seabream or white snapper), a slight sour, sweet salty taste was a good condiment to the fish…

the  tanhoon prawns was another favourite dish…very fragrant, great wokhae & very tasty tanhoon from the intense chicken stock, and wonderful black pepper fragrance & coriander flavour…

#8 fried cuttlefish kang kong in nonya sauce

fried cuttlefish kang kong in nonya sauce was good too…here the nonya sauce stood out. cuttlefish was just nicely done so no overcooked & rubbery.

i admire AC couple commitment to a 8 yr missionary posting…AC said previously he did 12 yrs…or 3 4-yr posting..i guess that was harder still as children young then…

very happy to be cooking a meal for the first my friends at teban gardens..these people are doing such good works…i started cooking a friday breakfast community dish for teban gardens on 8jan2016..

(update=as of today 24mar2018, i did 57 times friday breakfast dish for teban gardens…my most recent was braised pork cubes on 23mar2018)

c.h.e.f andy


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