My Brother’s Old Childhood Friend & Her Son Came for 4pax Dinner on 10Mar2018

dinner dishes

SL (an old childhood friend of my brother YS) and her son came for dinner this evening..

she is a very close friend of my brother. On CNY eve at my brother’s house, we arranged to have dinner on this evening with my brother but he now cannot make it..i thought dinner was canceled since brother not attending…they contacted me the evening before so we decided to go ahead with 4pax dinner. 🙂

i made-
1 claypot chicken rice
2 steamed pork soft bones
3 steamed minced pork
4 赛螃蟹 egg white with brocoli

claypot chicken rice my regular dish. this evening though not my best…

steamed pork soft bones

steamed pork soft bones a really easy dish to do. i took some from a frozen pack in the freezer. so basically with a good marinade just steam for 1.5hrs to 2hrs, and you get a very tender & tasty pork ribs like in dimsum restaurant.

steamed mined pork with light soy sauce

steamed minced pork with light soy sauce also a regular dish many liked.

SL & her son enjoyed both the dishes & also the claypot rice. there were enough for a second helping as wife & i took little rice… 🙂

赛螃蟹brocoli eggwhite

i gave another try on my new dish 赛螃蟹brocoli eggwhite…still not perfected. i guess tasty enough…

SL excellent dessert

sis SL made an excellent dessert. this evening even better than the one she brought to my brother’s house on CNY eve…really good!

so good i took 3 bowls la…

SL excellent dessert

SL excellent dessert

SL excellent dessert

don’t think i want to learn this, just invite sis SL for dinner ok la… :-p

it was sweet enough not too sweet…anyhow i like dessert to be sweet…and i like the dumplings though very sinful with all the carbs & sugar…

after dinner i made some 功夫茶 & we had a good chat…had not spend much time with sis SL in the past so it was very good to catch up & know more…afterwards i sent SL & son back. they were staying nearby..we plan to go out for some makan soon…

c.h.e.f andy


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