Asian Dishes – Thai, Nonya, Indian Curries & Jap Teriyaki Salmon Belly for 12pax RI Friends on 14Mar2018

12pax dinner curry dishes

our RI buddy P who lives in London was visiting singapore. we arranged a 12pax makan makan group homecooked asian/curry dinner on14.3.2018.^^  👍🙂.

I did a combination of thai, nonya & indan curries, and a Jap teriyaki salmon belly.

  1. jap teryaki miso salmon belly
  2. nonya curry chicken & potatoes
  3. nonya sambal prawns
  4. chicken thighs with yellow thai curry
  5. sotong with thai red curry
  6. mixed veg & tofu with thai red curry 
  7. fish masala
  8. mutton masala

CL & YF bought birthday cake for march birthday boys SCG, P & doc🎂..CCG also march birthday boy but he was away, so unable to join us on this occasion.

CM brought ching chow dessert👍

HK brought sweet giant pomelo 忘不了??from malaysia & red wine

P brought sparkly & some chocolates

LKY brought me some carrot cake from his cousin chef…

& CL took the nice group & people photos as usual..

12pax dinner curry dishes

just 8 dishes, quite enough for 12pax, food all finished…

ruby champagne

white wine

many drinker in this group…i basically just had couple of sips, nice ruby champage & white wine.

the distinctive dish from the curries was the teriyaki salmon belly..the others all liked it like all my other friends & family. YF said it was too sweet? actually it was not, but it was treated, so not a plain fish fillet..

my usual preparation, a very popular dish…

the nonya chicken just using heng’s curry paste & chicken thighs.

the nonya curry was very tasty. i topped up a second portion so that it was hot, and everything was finished..

the thai yellow curry very lemak. it was prepared as a dip. chicken thigh was pan-roasted, nice crispy skin & moist, tender meat, quite perfect with the curry.

mutton was a bit of a let down for me.

the preparation was ok so the meat was tender & the House brand mutton masala curry paste was tasty & nice. the mutton itself though i felt was not great, no much taste…

sotong was done with “dancing chef” thai red is very similar to thai yellow curry, but red curry is spicer & good as a gravy…yellow curry is sweeter ok as a dip or gravy..

nonya sambal prawns

i use “heng’s” sambal paste for the nonya sambal prawns. prawns were done perfectly, succulent & sweet,  bouncy & not old, overcooked..

i bought the batang fillet from chinatown market the day before. just S$8 for a large thick i think almost 800g cut which i asked the fishmonger to cut into 4 thick slices.

i pan-fried to give it a firmer texture. this batang fillet quite perfect for pan-frying just with salt & often eaten this way.

for fish masala, i cooked with sliced onions & “house brand” masala paste…CM said this was excellent & he had the piece i got for him, and afterwards not much was left..

everyone enjoyed the vegetable curry too.

i fried tofu & added eggplant, lady fingers, onions, some chinese cabbage & some tomatoes…friends commented the tofu were well infused with the thai red curry flavours. a simple yet wonderful dish…

curry rice dinner

HAB came late as he had to counsel some young chappie from his church.

i kept food for him, a bit of every dish with minimal rice/carbs…

HK’s giant grapefruit

HK brought giant grapefruit from malaysia. it was very sweet indeed..we were expecting 忘不了after he shared some photos on group chat, but the sweet & more forgettable grapefruit sama boleh la…

CM’s ching chow dessert

CM brought nice ching chow dessert with longans. a nice refreshing dessert. everyone had like 2 bowls…CM doing better with more practices, definitely to be encouraged.

a nice dinner with old friends…we had the cake afterwards, bought by CL & YF for the march birthday boys including P visiting from london…next week SCG is organising a makan group dinner at joe’s kitchen, a thai eat by his sis & bil…

c.h.e.f andy

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