Really Delicious Mutton Masala Using House Brand Ready Gravy on 19Sep2017

mutton masala 

made an excellent, really delicious mutton masala for my friends on 19.9.2017. ^^

& this was my first attempt.

it was kind of strange and truly fortuitous1 🙂

my friend V had given me a bottle of rogan josh, seems that it was only available in JB, not singapore.

i was doing a 10pax indian dinner for my friends on 19.9.2017.^^ 

as i had only one bottle, i could no try out. in any case i took it out from the kitchen cupboard and put in my room so i can access it anytime & wouldn’t need to look for it when i need it. but on the day of the dinner, it vanished into thin air. i still cannot locate it! how odd is that?

anyway, i resolve to cook mutton masala istead using house brand ready gravy, but as a result i did not try out the methods to make the mutton tender, so it became a blind experiment!

as fortune would have it, the mutton masala was hands down the best dishes by my friends!

a strange turn of events indeed! when V brought ghee & naans during lunch hour, i was deciding whether to replace the mutton with pork….

mutton masala 


the mutton i bought from ntuc fairprice finest – S$8 frozen mutton cubes. i cleaned with salt & also scalded with boiling water to remove scum & smell.

i had wanted to use the slow braising technique to produce a tender mutton. the theory is 90degC is the optimal temperature to break down collagen (tough connective tissues) to gelatine, making it both tender as well as flavourful at the same time.

i had done that before for lamb shoulders successfully in 90degC oven for 6hrs.

and it was a beautiful fusion curry miso lamb dish,

inspired by the mid-eastern cuisine – i had my best lamb with my son at honey & co london on 22.8.2014.

i was a bit uncertain this time so reduced to 4hrs. but the mutton was tough. i did another 4hrs to no much effect (i think a continuous 6hrs would be the correct preparation).

one way to tenderise was to put in the steam oven for 1.5hrs.  i was not confident i could rescue the mutton, so thought of replacing with pork.

everyone was glad i did not! AG & LS told me it sounded like a horror story when i suggested that.

mutton masala 

anyhow the mutton turned out beautifully. texture was perfect, the tough connective issues are now tender & flavourful, good lamb flavours no foul taste.

i had said in the whatsapp chat that i was confident of the taste, as it was just the reliable house brand ready gravy. only uncertainty was the texture.

but it turned out perfectly. the connective tissues were tender & tasty, and in fact CL said he specially liked that part.

next time i will do 90degC oven for 6hrs. that should do it, and if necessary i will also do the 1.5hrs steam oven step.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 500g frozen mutton cubes
  • 1 packet house brand ready gravy
  • 1 medium onion (chopped)
  • 1 tbsp ghee


  1. clean mutton with salt & scald with boiling water to remove scums & smell
  2. placed mutton in sealed oven dish covered with water in 90degC oven for 6hrs. 90degC is the optimal temperature to break down collagen (tough connective tissues) to gelatine, making it both tender as well as flavourful at the same time.
  3. fry chopped onion in ghee till soften. add house brand ready gravy. add intense chicken stock & reduce. add mutton cubes to the gravy.

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