Good Dinner with RI Bros @ Thai Pan Mandarin Gardens on 28Feb2018

tom yam soup

my RI bro CL organised a movie evening..

5 of us – CL, CJ, KK, KH met for dinner first at thai pan..

J & HAB joined afterwards..we watched “Glory”, a Denzel Washington movie 👍

after dinner, movie time – we had bak kwa & chomp chomps & KK brought banana cake made by I 👍

tom yam soup

we ordered the tomyam soup.

for me, not edible, spicy with the kick yes, but thin, no flavour, not tasty, the instant, paste kind..

deep-fried seabaas to trio thai sauce

deep freid seabass was good, garoupa would be better.

deep-fried seabaas to trio thai sauce

deep-fry a good way to do seabass, which has mud taste, and meat soft & not firm.

deep-fried seabaas to trio thai sauce

the sauce was good compliment, sweet & a tinge tangy..

deep-fried pork belly

deep-fried pork belly pretty ok too.

deep-fried pork belly

a nice dish…

salted egg sotong

salted egg sotong a popular dish here. wouldn’t say it was special, but i guess most salted egg dish pretty good in most makan places..

salted egg sotong

nice salted egg flavours, and the sotong was not overcooked & rubbery, so pretty good stuff.

fried baby kailan

fried baby kailan

thai baby kailan was good too.

overall, nothing spectacular, still very nice dinner with good friends, and most dishes good, competent…excepting the tomyam for me, but a friend also quite like the tomyam…very individual taste preference la…

c.h.e.f andy



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