Home Bakuteh & Chicken Rice for 5pax OPS Buddies on 3Apr2018


my OPS buddies came for 5pax homecooked bakuteh & chicken rice lunch on 3.4.2018. ^^

bkt about the easiest dish to cook. just used “ilc” spice sachet, added whole bulb garlic. today i added about 800g pork ribs, fresh indonesian ribs from sheng shiong…not the best ribs i gotten…

but a good enough bkt, both tender ribs & very tasty soup. 🙂

chicken rice chicken, chilli, & poached brocoli

chicken rice chicken

i made chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡. also made chilli.

chicken rice was very tasty & chicken was tender & sweet, though not near my best today.

M did not want to take chicken rice, so she made do with bkt, 2 ribs.


brocoli was the usual.

i poached first & then added the hot oil with oyster sauce & cornflour.

ah seng D13 durians

i also bought some D13 durians from ah seng. nearing the end of this short season. MSW was selling $22/kg so i picked only 4 D13 durians, about $33.

ah seng D13 durians

D13 was pretty good.

D13 durians

everyone enjoyed the durians.

tai cheung egg tarts

2 friends bought 2 boxes of tai cheung egg tarts..quite nice!

c.h.e.f andy

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