Great 5pax Teochew Muay Dishes @ 夜上海on 2Apr2018

teochew muay dishes

went with sis, bil & SL (old friend of my bro) & her son for teochew muay this morning at ye shanghai 夜上海 at lengkok bahru on 2.4.2018. ^^

we were there at 11.45am on a monday no queue.

sis went to order the dishes. we had 2 fishes – mullet & also a steamed garoupa, and 7 vegetables dishes. sis later added another 5 vegetable dishes. i think all came to like $7pax for 5pax.

long queue at 12pm+ 

a queue formed shortly, and while we were having lunch, the queue snaked to maybe 15-20pax long.

teochew muay dishes 

fish were fresh & sweet. i always like mullet best, very firm & sweet especially with tau jeon.

& the vegetables freshly fried, steaming hot when served.

all finito

we finished up everything. coffeeeshop was bright & airy enough, and everything was quite pleasant.

i asked the server he said they opened 10am to 5am next morning.

a simple, inexpensive & most enjoyable lunch.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

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