KF bought 6pax Lunch @ Dragon Phoenix on 1Apr2018

排骨王vinegared ribs 

KF & wife A bought lunch @ dragon phoenix grand temasek club rifle range road. we were 3 couples 6pax including my jogging mate & his wife SW.

KF ordered 5 dishes. they were all quite good.

排骨王vinegared ribs is regular zi char dish. of course they did it here as good as any, a common dish many would order.

yam basket 

the yam basket is their signature here & chef hooi kok wai, one of the quartet 4 heavenly chefs, created the dish like 50 years ago.

the yam was 松fluffy & nice, quite a heavy dish.

roast chicken

roast chicken is supposed to be their specialty/signature dish…

it was rather mediocre leh…the breast meat on the dry & dense side, not near the best!

brocoli mushrooms 

brocoli mushroom dish was well done & tasty.

fried beehoon

the fried beehoon was quite creatively presented, covered with a fried egg omelette & nicely sauteed prawns!

nice dish, nothing special though apart from presentation…

it was a very pleasant & enjoyable lunch among old friends. it was easter sunday, & my friend is the chief pastor at the church which started & run teban gardens community service centre where i cooked a breakfast dish every friday. my friend of course shared the easter message & good news. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


dragon phoenix GRAND @ temasek club riffle range road

131 Rifle Range Road,
2nd level of Block 2,
Singapore 588406.


(+65) 6463-3628



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