MSW & D13 Durian Feast with WM & PK @ Sin Kian Choon on 27Mar2018

MSW & D13

my OPS bro PK arranged to meet at sin kian choon jln membina 2pm on 27.3.2018. ^^

durian was late so we had coffee at the corner coffesshop.

got our durians around 3pm & went to tiong bahru food centre (empty & quiet on a monday 3pm+). had a durian feast.

PK bought 2 MSW (S$14/kg) & 2 D13 (S$15each), total S$90+…he inisted his treat today…


we started with the D13. D13 was extremely good today.

very creamy & most important, very fragrant..WM bought 4 D13 for home & he said it was just as good…


MSW of course was a different level of creaminess, and small seeds. very good MSW also.

this was a durian feast as we expected. we only finished 1 msw & 1 D13, and PK inisted i took 1 packet MSW home alongside my bamboo & golden phoenix…

sin kian choon

the gang (regulars like WM & PK knows mike very well by now).

sin kian choon

WM bought 4 D13 paid S$50 instead of S$60.

durian price

i paid total S$29 = S$11 for 2 small golden phoenix (S$10/kg for small durians) & $18 for 1 bamboo (S$11/kg ).

i didn’t quite get discount, but not complaining, just S$29 for 2 boxes, all very good durians.

tiong bahru cha kuay teow

tiong bahru cha kuay teow

after durians, WM went to get cheng tng ice dessert etc (i didn’t take).

PK went to order S$5 char kuay teow..he said good wokhae.

tiong bahru cha kuay teow

it was just mediocre to me, i think about my standard la…

for me, nothing compares with hai kee at telok blangah crescent

& outram road char kuay teow at hong lim food centre would be second on my list…


i took some MSW & left remaining for my son & wife in sealed container. they managed to finish between them the next day.

golden pheonix & bamboo

for my own S$29 of bamboo + golden phoenix, i mange to finish them over 2 days.



first the bamboo, almost felt like MSW, very creamy & fragrant & slightly bitter. bigger seeds than MSW…still MSW is different, really super creamy.

golden pheonix

the next day i ate the golden phoenix. it was also very good, but i would say bamboo comes first, then D13 then this golden phoenix (though i think normally golden phoenix would be better than D13.

“eat back the capital” 吃够本, really shiok the durians!

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Sin Kian Choon
18 Jalan Membina #01-08, Singapore 164018
6473 6377
(2) Tiong Bahru Char Kuay Teow

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