OK Pizza at Plank Sourdough and Good Lemon Tart Coffee at Baker and Cook on 15Apr2018

no 4 chicken pizza

daughter wanted to go plank sourdough pizza this evening on 16.4.2018.^^

we had 5pax dinner..

plank sourdough

plank sourdough

place was quite taken up on a sunday evening. we were there about 6.45pm.

the ambience was great, and attracts a family crowd too..

plank menu 

the menu is a bit limited.

smoked bbq ribs

smoked bbq ribs 

we ordered the smoked bbq ribs…not so great…ribs were fork tender but the marinade was not good, far too sweet, sugary…not very good standard…

no 4 chicken pizza 

we ordered 2 pizza = no 2 with spicy chorizo; & no 4 with chicken & smoked bbq ribs..

chicken pizza was good wife said too sweet, quite ok for me..daughters, JH, i all liked it..

no.2 chorizo tomato pizza 

chorizo tomato pizza not enuf melted cheese..not much taste, ok dough but a bit below expectation.

piccolo latte from baker & cook

lemon tart from baker & cook

daughter ordered a lemon tart for herself & all to share, & also a piccolo latte for me.

piccolo latte was ok but not as good as tiong hoe, good silkiness but coffee beans flavour not as good.

dinner for 5pax came to S$76. we ordered only 2 pizza & 1 smoked bbq ribs, plus 1 lemon tart & 1 piccolo latter.

was a great family outing.

c.h.e.f andy


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