Special Aburi Sushi @ Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka on 17Apr2018

special aburi sushi set 

tsukiji sushi takewaka has a sushi promotion…

i went with LKY to try the special aburi sushi set on 17.4.2018. ^^

last time i came (also with LKY on one day & WM my OPS bro on the previous day) was on 2.8.2017. 

the set consisted of 11 aburi (flamed) sushi = 3 salmon belly, 3 wagyu, 3 toro & 2 foie gras, all good stuff, S$24.50 at 50% discount.

aburi toro (complimentary)

additionally, we each had 2 pieces of aburi toro (complimentary), care of jpassport coupons.

special aburi sushi set

special aburi sushi set 

the wasabi had no kick…we asked for more, but still not much taste…the sushi rice was good .

somehow the special aburi sushi didn’t have the wow that i expected of such top quality ingredients. it was good for sure but also pretty bland, a strange word though to describe toro, wagyu & foie gras, but there it was!

i guess still mighty good having all these for S$24.40++, just my expectation was a bit heightened.

c.h.e.f andy


Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka

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