Good Porridge @ Weng Kiang Kee on 15Jan2020

picked up a close friend and bro & dropped off 8am at SGH for some procedure…..stayed a while…on 15.1.2020.

then parked & met with WT & WM…

walked to chinatown & took very good porridge @ weng kiang kee.

we had the mixed innard congee and one with sliced fish. WM bought some 油条.

S$5 congee very good standard, sweet & tasty, not as smooth 滑 as in hong kong, and i think a distinct disadvantage – small cuts of meat unlike hk very big slice- but tasty nonetheless…

kopi at 六十年代

kopi at 六十年代

then we had kopi @ 六十年代..some student groups visiting the buddha tooth relic temple.

after that walked along tg pagar looked at korean restaurants then exercise park then WM left and WT had drink with me at essen

WT left and LKH came by essen we had coffee…since he was there and can fetch our friend & bro back, i left about 1.20pm 😀 

c.h.e.f andy


Weng Kiang Kee Porridge




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