Worst Laksa Poor Food @ Toastbox 6th Ave on 1Jan2020

my OPS pals WT & M came to visit on 1.1.2020. 🙂

wonderful day to see friends! ^^

WT bought D13 durians $10/kg ..good!👍

I had to go get something at 6th ave. there was a promo at breadtalk – 20 items for S$20..

WT decided to have some makan at neighbour toastbox. he bought 2 laksa plus a mee siam set for M..

sorry to say this the worst laksa i had… not savoury, not much lemak, used bee tai mak instead laksa noodles or yellow noodles, no cockles, no semblance of laksa….

seriously my chicken pong’s laksa 10 times better lol!

S$3 laksa at coffeeshop across the street would be much better..M said her mee siama bit dilute & the barley drink totally dilute!

I ok with toastbox coffee..like never had food at toastbox. .. me think only coffee drinkable here..

c.h.e.f andy



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