Reflections on Autumn 立秋寄情 on 7Aug2018

this morning my OPS bro WT shared the following writings –

亲:早上好,今日21点30分立秋,属晚立秋,天气至少会持续炎热半个月以上,问苍天什么季节最忙? 秋天,多事之秋; 什么季节最公平? 秋天,平分秋色; 什么季节最简单? 秋天, 一叶知秋; 什么季节最长? 秋天,一日不见如隔三秋; 什么季节最爽? 秋天,秋高气爽;什么季节最险?秋天,秋后算账: 什么季节最暧昧? 秋天,暗送秋波!哈哈,祝立秋快乐!

haha! didn’t know today 立秋!

anyway in the past never really notice such things like 立秋, singapore having no seasons to speak of. lately there were lots more messages sharing on 立春, 立冬 winter solstice (so i did a post sometime back 冬至吃t’yuan汤圆)etc.

as one RI bro commented on the message –

“Fasinating – the word 秋 can be used in so many ways to describe people, events, activities, beliefs, aspirations, nature, the environment, the atmosphere and of course the weather. And almost if not all in positive ways. English words which can be used in a similar fashion? Some not so nice words come to mind”.

triggered, i did a rejoinder on my own-


not that i know so many chinese phrase, i just googled them…

but i do understand the meaning, so just string them together to portray our time, our mood, our perspective, our past, present, future and for me most importantly our inner peace!

c.h.e.f andy

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