Turtle Soup & Trotters at Jln Berseh FC + Sungei Road Laksa on 2Aug2018

S$30 claypot trutle soup @ very lucky turtle soup 

had turtle soup at very lucky at jln berseh food centre with RI bros on 2.8.2018.^^

some bros had tennis & squash at CL’s condo. there were 8pax for lunch. 🙂

i don’t come often but always take from this stall when i do.

the S$30 was quite ok, very substantial for 2-3pax, good amount of meat & gelatinous parts.  soup was very good. i asked & the stall gave us a a refill. we shared among 4pax.

S$5 pig trotters @ kelantan kueh chap 

added a S$5 pig trotters shared by 4pax. very good standard, good taste & texture, a substantial portion & good braise.

the other 4 bros took kueh chap from the opposite stall, kelatan kueh chap. and some took char kuay tiao etc.

sungei road laksa 

after that we walked over to sungei road laksa at jin shui kopitiam, 27 jln berseh. 🙂

there was a queue about 8-10pax…we order standard S$3laksa + S$1 extra cockles (above photo). 🙂

laksa was still good, very lemak, but i feel lack a strong savoury flavour like weiyi laks at tanglin halt.

cockles were really large & plum & juicy & sweet, quite excellent! 🙂

sungei road laksa

sungei road laksa 

there was like constantly a queue…but i guess during peak hours queue must be very long that’s why they had the tape & stand for queueing.


CJ bought a rojak to share.

somehow today’s rojak like not so good.

sungei road laksa

the laksa was well worth the detour after a nice turtle soup lunch.

my friends & i liked al like the laksa, but i would not come specially for this.

ate too much, but really quite fun…i enjoyed the turtle soup, pig trotters & also the laksa.

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Very Luck Turtle Soup

Address: 35 Kelantan Ln, Singapore 208652

daily (closed on wed) 9:45AM–9:50PM

(2) Kelantan

(3) Sungei Road Laksa

Address: Blk 27 Jalan Berseh #01-100, 200027

daily (closed on wed) 9:30AM–5PM



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