RI Bros 11pax World Cup Results Lunch @ HK Street Old Chun Kee on 10Aug2018

bittergourd pork ribs very good very tender 

had a very nice world cup knock out stage results 11pax lunch @ hk street old chun kee at Commonwealth crescent on 10.8.2018. ^^

we ordered 9 dishes including assam fish head & song fish head 松鱼头 for S$157 for 11pax 👍👍👍

only the mixed vegetables & oyster egg mediocre or below par..the rest dishes all good👍👍

(just a note=the barley water here undrinkable, totally diluted no barley taste at all & sweet!)

after lunch OBT bought cheng tng at the market food centre & LKY & DSingh joined us

bittergourd pork ribs very good very tender

bittergourd pork ribs very good very tender CL liked the black bean sauce taste. 🙂

minced pork eggplant good 👍

minced pork eggplant good 👍

minced pork eggplant good 👍

mixed vegetables average not worth the price

mixed vegetables average not worth the price

mixed vegetables average not worth the price…

oyster egg below par..

oyster egg below par..

oyster egg was much below par..i think they use frozen oysters…

cannot c/w a good orh lua at hawker centre where they add very large, plump, very fresh oysters.

salted egg 排骨王not as good as last time

salted egg 排骨王not as good as last time

salted egg 排骨王ok, just not as good as last time. i think everyone still liked it. 🙂

sambal sotong..sotong done well not overcooked.

sambal sotong..sotong done well not overcooked

sambal sotong..sotong done well not overcooked..sambal taste standard. 🙂

song fish head always good

song fish head always good 

the song fish head 松鱼头always good here.

assam ang kueh fish head

assam ang kueh fish head 

since we had 11pax, i ordered a larger dish, assam ang kueh fish head.

assam ang kueh fish head..many YKK J etc like the assam gravy..a change from the usual curry… 🙂

best har jeong gai 虾酱鸡 

YKK added  a large order har jeong gai 虾酱鸡14 pieces – like the best i had..lightly flavoured, chicken wings felt fresh but not likely? batter was excellent!

complimentary strawberry ice cream nice touch

hk street gaev complimentary strawberry ice cream nice touch.

best har jeong gai 虾酱鸡

the best dishes for me were bittergourd pork ribs, har jeong gai 虾酱鸡, and  song fish head 松鱼头.

overall everything was good, a very nice & enjoyable lunch for 11pax of us just for S$157! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Kopi Kia  (hong kong street old chun kee 香港街老珍记)
Blk 117 Commonwealth Drive #01-733 Singapore 140117
Tel: 83606663
Email: enquiries@kopikia.com.sg
Operating Hours:
12.00PM – 10.30PM (Monday to Sunday)



DP made 5pax Mee Siam Lunch on 8Aug2018

5pax mee siam lunch

DP made mee siam lunch for us 5pax lunch on 8.8.2018. ^^

he had to come back from school (3buses & 15mins walk each way) and cook for us so he arranged for 2pm lunch.

i met KY & KH at ikea tampines. we had the S$0.50 soy soft ice cream & bought curry puffs (S$4 for 5) and chicken wings (S$8 for 6) to bring along to DP place.

5pax mee siam lunch

fried mee siam

fried mee siam was nice.

we talked about sambal chilli 5 times but didn’t manage to get DP to do for us. lol! ^^



tau pok

the prawns, eggs & taupok went well with mee siam, and there were lots of tasty gravy.

6 chicken wings for S$8 from ikea

the ikea chicken wing not so good. there were 6 for 5 of us.

we also took the curry puff. that was good!

c.h.e.f andy

The Best Beef Brisket Noodles 牛腩面 @ Noodle Place on 7Aug2018

8pax RI bros lunch @ noodle place

my RI bro organised a 8pax RI bros lunch @ noodle place at orchard gateway on 7.8.2018. ^^ the restaurant is owned by his cousin chef xu..

i had been noodle place only one time in 2013 also by invitation of KY.

at the time i wrote-

” i was lamenting that we were missing hk standard 牛腩面. the shanghainese/ taiwanese version 牛腩面 at crystal jade lamian xialongbao & sicc were well & good, but not my preferred hk version. the ones here though were excellent. they did not quite serve the beef belly type cut, but the brisket was indeed very good & it is true that most Singaporeans would prefer this leaner cut. 🙂”

that was still true today..in fact i was more impressed today with the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面, maybe because i forgot already how it tasted here & i still hold singapore  beef brisket noodles to be substandard vs hk beef brisket noodles.

1/2 roast duck

the 1/2 roast duck was exceptionally good, so flavourful.

it was a large serving for 1/2 duck. i not sure if this was the regular serving or the chef gave us a larger portion because of his cousin?

this one of the best i had in singapore, comparable to –

  1. tunglok’s roast london duck &
  2. xin cuisine’s tea flavoured roast duck,

very authentic hong kong taste like eating in HK.

char siew & siew yoke

the char siew & siew yoke also very good standard, just that many restaurants do it just as well.

i asked chef xu why hawkers & restaurant here do not serve the belly cut with 胶 layer which they served in hong kong 崩沙腩 (=according to wiki a skirt steak)?

(see the incredible HK kuen kee ngau lam meen 牛腩面 in above photo)

his reply was that those were frozen. i still think more likely that singaporeans would prefer the leaner beef brisket.

noodle place 坑腩 beef brisket noodles 牛腩面

he said he served 坑腩(=according to wiki a boneless short rib).   he said it was not stated on the menu but he would serve us that.

of course a short rib cut would be more expensive & better than a skirt. but for the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 i guess for me, 坑腩would be the second best. 🙂

& this was really good. either it was better this time or i forgot how good it was in 2013. lol! 🙂 very 爽口 ie tender not sinewy excellent bite & mouth feel. fantastic!

i will come back a lot more i guess….

mixed congee 及第粥

fish, cuttlefish congee 艇仔粥

both the mixed congee 及第粥 & fish, cuttlefish congee 艇仔粥 were very good, but i guess no better than say crystal jade kitchen…

porridge not my favourite even in hong kong & shenzhen..i guess this would come close or same standard as in hong kong. 🙂

chai sim

all my friends thought the chai sim was better than the kailan, more crunchy, juicy less dry & “siap” = astringent…

complimentary dumpling soup

chef xu served us a complimentary dumpling soup. competent. not special.

bill S$170 for 8pax

the bill came to S$170 for 8pax include drinks even after 15% discounts. not really cheap, but i enjoyed the lunch very much.

will come with family & OPS friends.

noodle place 炕腩beef brisket noodles 牛腩面

the 炕腩beef brisket noodles excellent, just not sure can get this normally, or only serve to us because of KY.

i will be back soon.

c.h.e.f andy


Noodle Place Restaurant

277 Orchard Road, #01-17 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

Opening Hours: 

daily 10AM–10PM