Delivered All Teochew Dinner to my Brother 6pax Family Dinner on 9Jul2020

braised duck

teochew braised duck

pig trotter jelly

pig trotter jelly

teochew crayfish with yellow onions

teochew crayfish with yellow onions

made & delivered all teochew dishes for my brother 6pax family dinner on 9.7.2020.^^
so this week i decided to do all teochew dinner-
  1. pork trotters jelly 猪脚冻
  2. 2 1/2 braised duck 卤鸭
  3. chilled sliced hock (jokbal 족발) served with mala vinegar sauce
  4. teochew crayfish with egg & yellow onions

braised duck excellent today.

my brother loved the pork trotters jelly 猪脚冻. recipe here.

the jelly was very flavourful and gelatinous. i did the dish by slow braising the hock and pig trotters 4hrs in 130degC oven..6 tbsp huatiao jiu 1 tbsp white vinegar 1 tbsp sugar 1tsp salt. then i cut the trotters meat and skin and place is a small dish in the delicious brine with all the gelatinous goodness of the clear braise. tasted it very tasty ad flavourful and perfect gelatinous after placing in the fridge overnight.

the teochew crayfish with egg and onion i don’t do often. recipe here.

just happen to get crayfish from chinatown market this morning. it was very flavourful. and my sil said my nephew loved the dish!


c.h.e.f andy

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