Bakuteh (肉骨茶 Pork Rib Soup)


Bakuteh (肉骨茶 Pork Rib Soup) is about the easiest delectable dish to cook at home.

usually i used the $7.50/kg frozen pork ribs bought from chinatown market. last evening when i was at sheng shiong, decided to pick up a packet (about 700g) of fresh indonesian pork ribs at S$19/kg. they were good but very fatty & took shorter time to cook (about 40mins).

if i have to compare i guess the fresh pork ribs were slightly better but fatty, and the frozen pork ribs (cost 2.5x less) were almost as good.


i used a cheap bakuteh spice premix which i liked (photo above). this one is a non-herbal premix which i prefer but i had  very good herbal ones too (bought by a friend). 🙂

1939778_10152250643924494_1553693882_n 1970723_10152250643954494_1645619040_n

i only added 1 bulb of garlic (about 1.5 bulbs if cooking 1 kg pork rib), and basically nothing else needed. i do not prefer it very peppery but that is something one can easily add to taste.

c.h.e.f andy