Late Afternoon Dimsum @ Kowloon Dimsum at AMK Ave 5 on 23Mar2014


deep-fried fu pie quin 腐皮卷

was going to amk & decided to drop by kowloon dim sum @ amk ave 5  about 4.30pm on 23.3.2014.

the dim sum joint was located at the coffee shop at blk 151 next to hk street chun kee.

kowloon dimsum @ amk av 5

kowloon dimsum @ amk av 5


har gao



char siew fun cheong


sausage chicken steamed rice

we ordered the char siew fun cheong & sausage chicken steamed rice as those were typical hong kong dishes.

the best dish turned out to the the deep-fried fu pei quin. it came with the green wasabi mayo, very crispy & tasty.

the fun cheong was edible but poor, a let down & far cry from the very smooth fun cheong drizzled with nice flavourful sauce that one gets in dim sum restaurants in singapore like imperial treasure & crystal jade & hong kong (of course kowloon dim sum is no restaurant so perhaps cannot make comparison but only as reference for the dishes).

the sausage steam rice (i forgot to take picture!) had many pieces of nice tender chicken (all wing parts). the sauce was no comparison with hong kong but still nice with the rice.

the steamed pork ribs were more meaty than most in the restaurants. the taste just good enough but not among the better ones (say) like imperial treasure or crystal jade.

the har gao was also average. skin was not smooth, filling was huge & taste ok.

the cost for 5 items was just S$16 or S$8pax, which was like 50% that in the restaurants. so price was good. food was not bad either but just average mediocre, so it was not bad & ok to try but not something i would be attracted to do again. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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