RI Bros Home Gourmet 6pax Dinner on 18Aug2020

made 6pax RI bro dinner this evening on 18.8.2020.^^

we had excellent dinner by chef Gabriel Lee at 8picure on 17jul2020.

Jo brought me next day a 3kg garoupa he caught fishing..

so i used 1/2 garoupa to make 2 dishes and invited the bros to my place..

SCG joined this evening..

the lobster squidink pasta was inspired by chef Gabriel.

dinner dishes

this evening i made-

amuse bouche


  1. spicy tuna canapes
  2. crackling blistered roast pork
  3. pumpkin arugula(rocket)salad
  4. chef john mexican veracruz garoupa
  5. herb & peanut crusted spring rack of lamb
  6. pangrilled long stem cauliflower & brussels sprouts by aunty bes


7. flamed squid on cauliflower puree


8. sliced garoupa fillet & seafood bouillabaisse

9. lobster squidink pasta


eddie brought really nice

10. english carrot cake, a red, white & vietnamese coffee for lisa

HCK brought champagne

SCG brought 30yr xo & refused to bring back

Jo brought chocolates

it was really wonderful enjoyable dinner for all every dish was very good..really crackling belly pork, very good pumpkin salad, very good flamed squid & tasty cauliflower puree, though plating left much to be desired…

excellent lamb rack (Eddie said he generally don’t take lamb this evening had 2 & loved the herb peanut crust)..

superb veracruz far garoupa everyone liked..good grilled veg..

delicious bouillabaisse excellent garoupa fillet..

superb lobster squidink pasta(Eddie said lobster texture perfect..though no comparison with chef Gabriel Lee)

& of course excellent english carrot cake Eddie brought!

a really fun relaxing evening with great friends RI bros.

c.h.e.f andy

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