Immense Thrill & Satisfaction – Homecooked 15 Teochew Muay Dishes for 9pax RI Friends’ Lunch on 28Oct2015

did 15 teochew muay dishes for my friends on 28.10.2015. ^^

gave me immense thrill & satisfaction.

teochew muay dishes are supposed to be cheap food (indeed mostly cheap ingredients). but most teochew muay are not cheap, mostly overcharged for quite poor quality food.

recently my friends & i had been trying out 2 excellent teochew muay places that are truly “cheap & good”

  1. shi le yuan 实叻圆糜 at red hill market &
  2. ye shanghai at bukit merah view

i like both places. ^^

spread of 16 teochew muay dishes

spread of 15 teochew muay dishes

anyway i got inspired to try out teochew muay dishes.

for this lunch i put out 15 teochew muay dishes + 1 banoffee (banana toffee) cake.

spread of 16 teochew muay dishes

spread of 15 teochew muay dishes

the few new dishes included stewed cabbage, stir-fried egg plants, spicy black beans bitter gourd, spicy bean sauce sting ray. all these dishes i recently practiced once or twice. the dish that i did for the first time today was the spicy black beans minced pork. & it was pretty good leh! 🙂


friend’s “famous” sio bak烧肉

a friend brought his famous” sio bak烧肉. i did not put out all as we had a lot of dishes, so i was enjoying the remaining very much afterwards. it was really good – the texture & flavours were just “oomph”, though today the crispy skin was  not his usual standard.

my most popular dish was the #1 stir-fried manila clams with curry leaves!

everyone loved this, so no. 1 hands down! 🙂

the #7 steamed yellow croaker 小黄鱼 was a top dish for many friends.

this is a variation of the hk steamed style. i think light soy sauce is excellent for steaming fish, very pleasant taste. anyway i did a variation using tsuyu, mirin & olive oil.

fish was so fresh of course, and fine tasting texture, and the sauce was just awesome!

#5 teochew chilled mullet

#5 teochew chilled mullet

the #5 teochew chilled mullet was as good as any of the teochew muay stalls or bakuteh stalls that sell chilled mullet (like lau ah tee).

one differentiation was that i steamed with the scales on, so that the skin came out easily with the scales, whereas many of the teochew muay stalls here steamed w/o the scales & that makes it difficult to tear the skin when it is chilled.

#6 teochew chilled sotong - sotong texture was superb!

#6 teochew chilled sotong – sotong texture was superb!

the #6 teochew chilled sotong texture today was superb! & so sweet.

tau jeon (for chilled mullet), kik you (for chilled sotong) & the braising sauce

tau jeon (for chilled mullet), kik you (for chilled sotong) & the braising sauce

especially when taken with the condiments. 🙂

the #2 pig head jelly 猪头冻 today was awesome, my best so far! absolutely good restaurant standard. ^^

the braising sauce jelly was so tasting, the clear light colour with fat removed was just perfect, and the texture of the pig’s heat meat was perfect too, great bite! well nearly the standard of chui huay lim!

#3 braised belly pork #4 braised pig head meat, pig's ears & jowl meat

#3 braised belly pork #4 braised pig head meat, pig’s ears & jowl meat

my braised meats this time was also my best, even better than my last very good kueh chap standard! 🙂

the braising sauce was so flavourful (i will post another recipe update later), and the meat texture were just incredible, tender yet crunchy with nice bite.

my helper’s#8 salted fish minced pork 咸鱼饼 was a hit with many friends too.

and it is also one of my perennial favourites.

many liked the #9 steamed egg with minced pork too!

they all liked the light soft yet not watery texture, and the taste too.

#10 spicy black beans minced pork

#10 spicy black beans minced pork

and this was my very first #10 spicy black beans minced pork. 🙂

taste was good. look wise a bit drier & not as oily & reddish as the one at shi le yuan. i will try out a bit more to see which is the best way.

i cooked this #11 spicy bean sauce sting ray with salted veg recently for my family dinner on 24.10.2015, so this the second time.

i think colours, flavours wise was pretty ok, but not among the most popular dishes for my friends.

the #12 spicy black beans bittergourd i think was really very good standard. 🙂

tasty, very slight bitter taste enhanced by the slight salty & spicy black bean sauce.

& my friends all loved the #13 stewed cabbage! ^^

it was so sweet & tasty with the reduced stock & still crunchy not overcooked.

#14 sitr-fried egg plants

#14 sitr-fried egg plants

the #14 sitr-fried egg plants was a tasty dish, but not so wow for me.

somehow not the ye shanghai style i was trying to achieve. 🙂

must try again see how they do this.


#15 “shatin” chicken congee

this was not quite yet the keung kee chicken congee standard

still congee was very good, very tasty & smooth. 🙂

and of course we ended with a nice cake.

actually friends bought a cake also, so we had 2 cakes. 🙂

very nice cake, not too sweet, nice biscuit base, bananas & light whipped cream.

we all had a wonderful lunch & a swell time together among old friends! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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