Nice Yong Tau Foo Lunch @ Goldhill Hakka Restaurant on 25Aug2016

goldhill hakka yongtaufoo

goldhill hakka yongtaufoo – S$5 small 8 pieces

had nice yongtaufoo at 5pax lunch organised by a good friend at goldhill hakka restaurant 1997 at changi road today on 25.8.2016. ^^

place was crowded at 1150am. a customer had to move to another table for us to get a 5pax table.

goldhill hakka yongtaufoo

goldhill hakka yongtaufoo – S$5 small 8 pieces

yongtaufoo was nice, quite plain with a soup.

we ordered small $5 individual servings. there were 8 pieces, 3 fried.

yong tau foo not quite my favourite dish, so i don’t eat often.

if i have to pick out one, i think u hakka yongtaufoo at blk 79 circuit road food centre which this same friend brought us the last time is my best YTF in singapore! ^^

this goldhill version is plain but quite nice eating this way too, picking out each item to dip in chilli instead of mixing everything in the bowl with chilli.



算盘子i don’t eat often too. this quite fragrant with the crispy browned garlic & shallots.

steamed la la

steamed la la

unfortunately today they did not have the manila clams. the ones we see on most blogs & google map postings. we had the usual lala or littleneck clams.

we asked the lady she said they mostly serve manila clams, only when cannot get like today then they use la la.

steamed la la

steamed la la

the soup was very tasty, with the taste of basil & the distinctive clam taste, just like the japanese asari soup w/o the miso.

today the clams were slight overcooked & a bit tough.

the preparation is different, but i think though that goldhill’s version is no comparison with my own stir-fried manila clams with curry leaves when taste & flavours are concerned.

for texture of course i made mistakes too in timing. the one i served at a homecooked teochew muay lunch in oct2015 though was quite perfect. 🙂

lunch was about S$60 or S$12 pax include drinks. i guess quite ok the la la & 算盘子  also not cheap.

P.S. after posting i saw photo of the steamed manila clams posted by other reviewers & they looked good, with a lot less water, less soupy. maybe got to go try again! 🙂

four seasons cendol

four seasons cendol

after lunch, on the way back home, 3 of us (we car-pooked) went to eat four seasons cendol at toa payoh lor 8.

love it!

east seafood white bee hoon

east seafood white bee hoon

next to four seasons cendol is east seafood white bee hoon. they don’t sell other zi char dishes. look professional, maybe can try sometimes.

c.h.e.f andy


Goldhill Hakka Restaurant 1997

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