Very Shiok Nasi Lemak @ Selera Rasa Adam Road FC on 17Aug2016

selara rasa nasi lemak

selera rasa nasi lemak 

son is back for a short break.

he can like eat nasi lemak every day.

he bought 6 packets yesterday from selera rasa at adam road food centre on 17.8.2016. ^^

i ended up eating 2 packets, one for lunch & one for dinner. 🙂

selara rasa nasi lemak

selera rasa nasi lemak 

it’s very good!

the rice, chilli, & ikan bilis were fantastic!

rice lemak, flavour, individual grain, chilli tasty & super taken with the ikan bilis.

i like the chicken wing too, though i like ikan kuning best, but son doesn’t take that so he didn’t include it.

selara rasa nasi lemak

selera rasa nasi lemak

selera rasa is son’s favourite stall.

for me actually i like adam’s nasi lemak better.

adam’s included kachang (peanuts) which selera rasa does not. there is also the fish cake.

both stalls have long queues…selera rasa longer so more popular of the 2. 🙂

for chicken wing, selera rasa a bit more crispy. but i like my helper’s chicken wing best la..

today son went again to buy 6 packets. i told him not to buy for me…if buy sure eat la..but actually the statement is for myself so that he buy i still don’t eat!

c.h.e.f andy


Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak @ Adam Road Food Centre