Nice 6pax Club Lunch @ Seletar Terrace, Seletar Country Club on 3Aug2017

wadeh udang

my OPS bro bought 6pax lunch at seletar terrace, seletar country club on 3.8.2017. ^^

seletar terrace @ seletar country club

parking is free, great ambience, bright & airy & lots of greens, a cheerful place for makan…

& a great plus, food is pretty good too, and inexpensive…

swimming pool

after lunch, we walked past the butterfly gardens & swimming pool.

singapore has so many swimming pools in clubs & condos, wasting lots of water..can’t be help i guess..

honey wheatgrass drink

friend ordered honey wheatgrass drink, 4 starters & 4 mains for 6pax, too much food, quite good standard & good price about S$85, i think…

the wadeh udang (top photo) was good, crispy, appetizing..


of the 8 dishes, 2 dishes i thought less good was the rojak & chicken wings..

rojak though can’t be too bad, ingredients about same, so just the sauce a bit too thick for me. too much prawn paste, slightly wrong mix of sauce for me…

chicken wings

chicken wings were below par – dry, over-fried, not so tasty..

one of my friend here & i can easily do is my home helper..

crispy trotters

the crispy trotters was good..this & the wadeh udang can order again next time…

penang char kuay teow

penang char kuay teow was good, 2 parge prawns, pretty flavourful, good enough for me, though some friend said not enough wok hae..had better char kuay teow in other clubs though..

nasi lemak

nasi lemak was competent, not the best…peanuts, ikan bilis, ikan kuning wer good. chili was a tad too sweet, some friends said not spicy enough, overall average, quite doable for me..


laksa i consider pretty good, better than what i had at (a) tangs market sungei road laksa & some katong laksa because this more savoury, not just lemak…not as good as (b) sungei road laksa at kelatan lane & (c) weiyi laksa (one friend here didn’t think weiyi laksa was very good…)

hokkien mee

hokkien mee i consider pretty good too…the stock is tasty, had lar pok, so probably had lard in the stock. overall a tasty dish. one friend preferred the penang char kuay teow more.

four seasons cendol

four seasons cendol

after lunch we drove to toa payoh lor 8 four seasons cendol.

this the 3rd day in a row i had this cendol. enjoyed it everytime haha! 🙂

this cendol though not good enough for one friend, who think the coconut milk was not enough, not thick enough, and the one he had at sutera mall better.

for myself, cocnut milk was thick & intense & so was the the gula melaka, unlike most hawker centres where they are diluted, sugary sweet but not flavourful gula melaka..

this was the best i had in singapore or anywhere else, so i am quite keen to try the one at sutera mall also..

c.h.e.f andy


Seletar Terrace @ Seletar Country Club 


101 Seletar Club Road, Singapore 798273


Opening Hours:


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