Crayfish Angel Hair Pasta on 1Aug2017

crayfish angel hair pasta

did a teochew crayfish dish for the excellent early birthday diner for my dentist friend on 14.7.2017.

still had 4 crayfish left in the freezer. having dinner alone & decided to cook crayfish pasta this evening.

crayfish angel hair pasta 

i used angel hair as it took the shortest time, 2mins to cook.

so i had it just below al dente.

i fried cut chili padi, thai basil in olive oil, added chopped garlic (usually i browned whole garlic to flavour the olive oil.. don’t have whole garlic today), then i fried the crayfish & set aside.

then i added sotong (squid) seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper to the pan & cooked a short time (not to overcook it). then i added the angel hair pasta and tossed, and added some butter & tossed.

added sea salt to taste.

crayfish angel hair pasta

then i plated some to eat & garnished with more thai basil.

crayfish angel hair pasta 

very tasty dish.

pasta just al dente.

crayfish was sweet & fresh, and sotong also succulent & tasty.

crayfish angel hair pasta 

a simple but quite excellent tasty pasta, though i did not have stock & did not add white wine.

c.h.e.f andy


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