Good Nasi Biryani @ Geylang Briyani Stall Geylang Serai FC on 31Aug2017

chicken nasi briyani

DP, a RI bro visiting from bangkok. so another bro organised a makan session, meeting for nasi briyani at geylang serai food centre on 31.8.2017.^^

geylang briyani stall

we started with briyani at geylang serai market…seems that many think that briyani express is best, but it was closed today. so DP & KH went to join the queue at geylang briyani stall.

they bought 3 packets for 4pax to share-1 mutton, 1 chicken another fried chicken…all having the same idea of cutting down on carbs. lol! 🙂

briyani rice taste was good, flavourful, and mutton & chicken were all good.👍

i think they were S$8 each packet..

but really i didn’t think it was better than my own chicken briyani, which was just as flavourful perhaps more, & just using house brand ready gravy, and my chicken was much more moist, tender & sweet. haha! ^^

nasi padang chicken

i bought a S$5 nasi padang chicken thigh from a stall side vendor no queue.

it was good enough though the gravy was a bit too sweet.

geylang briyani stall

BT came later. geylang briyani stall too long queue so BT did not take..anyway he had chicken rice earlier…

After that we went upper boon keng market and took the kambing soup…

c.h.e.f andy


Geylang (Hamid’s) Briyani Stall


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