Very Good Airfryer Crackling Belly Pork 烧肉 on 2Oct2017

crackling belly pork 烧肉

made an excellent crackling belly pork 烧肉 on 2.10.2017. ^^

this was the airfryer recipe from my RI bro KK & his wife. 🙂

i did it coupe times before quite a while back, probably couple years back..decided to revisit the recipe today….

crackling belly pork 烧肉

crackling was quite good, & meat was tender, very moist with meat juices..

crackling belly pork 烧肉

maybe the crackling can improve further…

crackling belly pork 烧肉

as it is now, the crackling is pretty good, quite ok! ^^

crackling belly pork 烧肉

picking a good piece of belly pork is important.

so a thinner cut, preferably leaner, which is still fat & tasty, and gives you a larger skin & surface area for the same weight, and also more crackling skin per piece of belly pork you cut since it is thinner…

the recipe is quite straight forward-

  1. poach in boiling water few mins to remove scum
  2. that also makes it easier for you to stab the skin repeatedly, thoroughly with a fork- this enables skin to dry out more so can make it crackling
  3. put salt over skin & season the rest with 1 tbsp shaoxing wine & put in fridge overnight- salt draws out water from the stabbed holes in the skin
  4. remove salt & wipe dry skin with kitchen towel
  5. then put a new layer of salt & put belly pork in airfryer preheated to 180degC for 30 mins
  6. take out, remove salt from skin & put back in airfryer preheated to 200degC for 15mins…& voila!

c.h.e.f andy



Great 5pax OPS Buddies Dinner @ Silk SICC Island on 27Sep2017

peking duck – S$26

had S$100 to spend by 30.9.2017 otherwise the quarterly minimum spend would be forfeited.

arranged to go silk @ sicc island location with my OPS buddies on 27.9.2017. ^^

food here is good, and the prices, even better! ^^

second eat FREE=shredded duck crispy noodles 鸭丝生面

i ordered the 1/2 peking duck again.

the peking duck was as good as any, & the second eat shredded duck with crispy noodles was quite excellent, so at S$26 for 2 eats (2 dishes), it was like a must order for me. 🙂

peking duck – S$26

i was still on 14day vegetarian/fruit diet challeng with my RI friend DP till 30.9.2017, so i did not eat the duck, but i knew it was good! 🙂

i took some prawn crackers…

garoupa fillet with lily bulbs 百合, sweet peas – S$18

the garoupa fillet with lily bulbs 百合, sweet peas – S$18 was a nice dish.

today the garoupa fillet looks & presentation a bit i asked WM since i not eating myself. he said it was ok, pretty good.

good thing about this dish also lots of vegetables so no need to order a separate vegetable dish.

garoupa fillet with lily bulbs 百合, sweet peas – S$18

i checked the photos of my last lunch here, also with my OPS bros.

the garoupa looked much better & they also had cloud fungus, so this dish going south – wrong direction la… 

but i guess still a nice dish…good fish & vegetables…

claypot frog 沙煲田鸡 – S$18

the claypot frog 沙煲田鸡 – S$18 always a great dish..

claypot frog 沙煲田鸡 – S$18

very tasty, good standard, and well presented.

second eat FREE=shredded duck crispy noodles 鸭丝生面

the second eat FREE=shredded duck crispy noodles 鸭丝生面 was swimming in sauce.

i specifically told the guy taking orders that i wanted crispy 生面.the lady serving said they added too much sauce.

second eat FREE=shredded duck crispy noodles 鸭丝生面

i did not take the noodles. the dish was tasty and a large serving, fully 5 bowls. all my friends liked it, and noodles all finished.

WM said noodles slight salty (i guess because too much sauce), but still crispy. that’s good!

the service by the lady servers were good!

the dishes were all good, though perhaps the previous time was even better.

& the dinner for 5pax was S$70nett, very reasonable indeed! (though i ate little so i ordered only 4 dishes, and my friends said it was enough so we did not add dishes).

after dinner, we decided to go downstairs for a drink at the eagle..we all ordered ABC – apple, beetroot, carrot – M’s idea! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Silk Restaurant
Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Road, 578774, (Thomson)

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Lunch) 11:30am – 2:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 10:00pm daily

Restaurant is closed on Mondays except on the eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Dress Code (Lunch): Casual – Round-neck shirt and bermudas allowed (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)
Dress Code (Dinner): Smart Casual – Collared T-shirt/shirt with long trousers and covered shoes (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)

Good Teochew Muay @ Ye Lai Xiang Bukit Merah View on 28Sep2017

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg = S$18

sis & bil came by to have lunch together.

i picked them at the usual mrt stop at 11.30am & we were at ye lai xiang 夜来香at bukit merah view around 11.50am on 28.9.2017.^^

i thought carpark might be full but the food centre was under renovation? boarded up so carpark quite empty, good for us.

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg = S$18

sis went to order the dishes.

she got 2 fishes + 7 veg for S$18.

ye lai xiang in my view NOT ye shanghai standard..

yelaixiang teochew muay 夜来香潮州糜

the place had much lower traffic c/w when ye shanghai was here…

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg = S$18

S$18 seems cheap but i think a bit more expensive c/w ye shanghai.

i think the 2 fishes more ex, may S$10 together.

rabbit fish 

this larger than the CNY rabbit fish 知县鱼, seen it before but not sure if same breed of fish.

anyway it was tastier than it! 🙂

kambong fish 

this fish also maybe not kambong…sees it often..also sweet.

by the way i still on 14 days vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with my friend DP until 30.9.2017 so i did not tale the fish, but sis & bil said & i know they were sweet la… 🙂


generally the veg dishes were good but not the standard of ye shanghai…quite far in my view.

veg a simple thing right, which means ye shanghai veg dishes really good la! 🙂

tau kee was ok, sweet, ordinary..

spinach heng chai) 

spinach was ok, but by comparison ye shanghai or even if i cook myself, this was below par la..

luffa 丝瓜

likewise for the luffa 丝瓜..


and bittergourd..


this cauliflower+brocoli was ok…i took the tau kua too…

chap chai 

chap chai ok…


leeks a bit nicer…i think the nicest of the veg

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg

so in my view, ye lai xiang c/w ye shanghai 要矮了一载 not the same standard for the vegetable dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


夜来香 YelaixiangTeochew Porridge (夜来香潮洲糜)


#01-217, Boyang Coffee Shop, Blk 117 Bukit Merah View, 151116

Good Braised Duck & Teochew Muay Buffet @ Cafe on the Ridge on 25Sep2017

braised duck 卤鸭

our RI brotherhood gang did a birthday dinner cum karaoke on 25.9.2017. ^^

organisers were looking for a convenient & not costly place where we could have dinner then karaoke.

the teochew muay buffet has always been good, especially the braised duck 卤鸭 & also the other braises 卤味.  other cooked food & buffet items also good. (i don’t come often though as try not to eat buffet these days. lol! ^^. last time here was 22.11.2016!)..

we reserved 14pax, and full brotherhood attendance this evening, and they arranged a nice long table for us near the door convenient to pick up the buffet items at the open covered alfresco area where they set up the buffet.

few of us arrived early at 6pm so we went to pick up the braised duck 卤鸭.

actually there was not much queue also during dinner & the supply was pretty ok, no problems getting good serving of the duck & other braises.


the popiah i would say pretty good, same good standard as any eg what i had recently at bukit cafe at sicc…

raw cockles, chilled squid 

the raw cockles were really good. & quite surprised many in our group actually took the raw cockles & loving it….

the chilled didn’t look that appetising but it was quite ok with the “kek you” dip or with chili..

braises卤味 – duck, kong bak, pig skin etc

the braises were all good..

braise was flavourful, chili was good, and the texture & taste & texture of the kong bak and pig skin were good…taupok, tau kua, braised egg the usual..

prawns, ngoh hiang, egg omelette 

cooked dishes were also quite ok..prawns were actually quite tasty… i took 2 or 3 pieces..ngoh hiang was ok, egg was ok…didn’t take much of them…

prawns, ngoh hiang, taukee, egg, trotters

taukee was good, the usual.

braised pork trotter was good..nice gelatinous, everyone liked it…the pot had mostly bones though so got to pick the ones with more skin..

belly pork chives, satay pork, some 

in fact we did not take several of the cooked dishes.

the satay pork i didn’t quite like, and the chicken not my taste.. the belly pork with chives ok but i rather eat more of the braises.

there were fresh cut fruits, watermelon, rock melon etc quite sweet, and some red bean with lotus seed dessert..ok.

1 bro had to attend a legal meeting (before coming to attend our illegal!^^). anyhow we already cleared the bill with 13pax about to move to the right note karaoke at 8pm. anyhow the brotherhood went into action, and we had 5 bros waited on him with all the choice dishes from the buffet…a very satisfactory conclusion to a good dinner.

of course this not like the best teochew muay, but teochew muay in many places like joo chiat & geylang & havelock road so ex & not nice…i don’t thing any of this places serve a better braise duck or other braises than here, and even for cooked dishes i think here is better…

& at S$16nett pax, so much cheaper than all these teochew muay places..that’s why i don’t go to any of them for the longest time…

of course not comparing say ye shanghai type chilled fish, steamed fish/fish head & really good vegetables.

c.h.e.f andy


Cafe on the Ridge @ Kent Rudge Guild House


9 Kent Ridge Dr, Singapore 119241


Roast Goose the Best! @ 鹅皇馆 on 14Sep2017 (Day of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

鹅皇馆 meal

WM & I had already decided the roast goose at 鹅皇馆 was the best when we tried it on 12.9.2017. 

after our shiokalicious ngau lam meen 牛腩面 at  Kuen Kee Noodle 權記粉麵茶餐廳 at tonh choi street,

we decided might as well eat the roast goose first before going back to hotel room & checking out, so that’s what we did, on 14.9.2017.^^


actually it’s probably NOT better than yat lok at stanley street. looking at the past photos, yat lok’s roast goose still looks best & the most appetizing. 

roast goose rice HK$55

we ordered a plate of roast goose rice HK$55  and a plate of chicken rice HK$48.

the combined may not be much more if any c/w with the HK$98 combo we had the other day, but this was HK$103 in total & we got 2 free coffee to go with it… 🙂

roast goose rice HK$55

roast goose was so flavourful & delicious! 🙂

chicken rice HK$48

chicken rice HK$48

& the chicken 贵妃鸡 meat so sweet & very nice especially with the scallions ginger sauce.

chicken roast goose rice

we each took our share of the chicken & roast goose, and just enjoy la…

bill HK$103 for 2pax lunch HK$380 for 1 roast goose takeaway

& we took away 1 roast goose cut in 1/2 each.

so bill was HK$103 for 2pax lunch HK$380 for 1 roast goose takeaway. 🙂

1/2 roast goose

1/2 roast goose

we brought the roast goose on the flight back singapore.

wife & children loved just it!

c.h.e.f andy




Opening Hours: