Roast Goose the Best! @ 鹅皇馆 on 14Sep2017 (Day of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

鹅皇馆 meal

WM & I had already decided the roast goose at 鹅皇馆 was the best when we tried it on 12.9.2017. 

after our shiokalicious ngau lam meen 牛腩面 at  Kuen Kee Noodle 權記粉麵茶餐廳 at tonh choi street,

we decided might as well eat the roast goose first before going back to hotel room & checking out, so that’s what we did, on 14.9.2017.^^


actually it’s probably NOT better than yat lok at stanley street. looking at the past photos, yat lok’s roast goose still looks best & the most appetizing. 

roast goose rice HK$55

we ordered a plate of roast goose rice HK$55  and a plate of chicken rice HK$48.

the combined may not be much more if any c/w with the HK$98 combo we had the other day, but this was HK$103 in total & we got 2 free coffee to go with it… 🙂

roast goose rice HK$55

roast goose was so flavourful & delicious! 🙂

chicken rice HK$48

chicken rice HK$48

& the chicken 贵妃鸡 meat so sweet & very nice especially with the scallions ginger sauce.

chicken roast goose rice

we each took our share of the chicken & roast goose, and just enjoy la…

bill HK$103 for 2pax lunch HK$380 for 1 roast goose takeaway

& we took away 1 roast goose cut in 1/2 each.

so bill was HK$103 for 2pax lunch HK$380 for 1 roast goose takeaway. 🙂

1/2 roast goose

1/2 roast goose

we brought the roast goose on the flight back singapore.

wife & children loved just it!

c.h.e.f andy




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