Good Braised Duck & Teochew Muay Buffet @ Cafe on the Ridge on 25Sep2017

braised duck 卤鸭

our RI brotherhood gang did a birthday dinner cum karaoke on 25.9.2017. ^^

organisers were looking for a convenient & not costly place where we could have dinner then karaoke.

the teochew muay buffet has always been good, especially the braised duck 卤鸭 & also the other braises 卤味.  other cooked food & buffet items also good. (i don’t come often though as try not to eat buffet these days. lol! ^^. last time here was 22.11.2016!)..

we reserved 14pax, and full brotherhood attendance this evening, and they arranged a nice long table for us near the door convenient to pick up the buffet items at the open covered alfresco area where they set up the buffet.

few of us arrived early at 6pm so we went to pick up the braised duck 卤鸭.

actually there was not much queue also during dinner & the supply was pretty ok, no problems getting good serving of the duck & other braises.


the popiah i would say pretty good, same good standard as any eg what i had recently at bukit cafe at sicc…

raw cockles, chilled squid 

the raw cockles were really good. & quite surprised many in our group actually took the raw cockles & loving it….

the chilled didn’t look that appetising but it was quite ok with the “kek you” dip or with chili..

braises卤味 – duck, kong bak, pig skin etc

the braises were all good..

braise was flavourful, chili was good, and the texture & taste & texture of the kong bak and pig skin were good…taupok, tau kua, braised egg the usual..

prawns, ngoh hiang, egg omelette 

cooked dishes were also quite ok..prawns were actually quite tasty… i took 2 or 3 pieces..ngoh hiang was ok, egg was ok…didn’t take much of them…

prawns, ngoh hiang, taukee, egg, trotters

taukee was good, the usual.

braised pork trotter was good..nice gelatinous, everyone liked it…the pot had mostly bones though so got to pick the ones with more skin..

belly pork chives, satay pork, some 

in fact we did not take several of the cooked dishes.

the satay pork i didn’t quite like, and the chicken not my taste.. the belly pork with chives ok but i rather eat more of the braises.

there were fresh cut fruits, watermelon, rock melon etc quite sweet, and some red bean with lotus seed dessert..ok.

1 bro had to attend a legal meeting (before coming to attend our illegal!^^). anyhow we already cleared the bill with 13pax about to move to the right note karaoke at 8pm. anyhow the brotherhood went into action, and we had 5 bros waited on him with all the choice dishes from the buffet…a very satisfactory conclusion to a good dinner.

of course this not like the best teochew muay, but teochew muay in many places like joo chiat & geylang & havelock road so ex & not nice…i don’t thing any of this places serve a better braise duck or other braises than here, and even for cooked dishes i think here is better…

& at S$16nett pax, so much cheaper than all these teochew muay places..that’s why i don’t go to any of them for the longest time…

of course not comparing say ye shanghai type chilled fish, steamed fish/fish head & really good vegetables.

c.h.e.f andy


Cafe on the Ridge @ Kent Rudge Guild House


9 Kent Ridge Dr, Singapore 119241



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