Good Teochew Muay @ Ye Lai Xiang Bukit Merah View on 28Sep2017

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg = S$18

sis & bil came by to have lunch together.

i picked them at the usual mrt stop at 11.30am & we were at ye lai xiang 夜来香at bukit merah view around 11.50am on 28.9.2017.^^

i thought carpark might be full but the food centre was under renovation? boarded up so carpark quite empty, good for us.

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg = S$18

sis went to order the dishes.

she got 2 fishes + 7 veg for S$18.

ye lai xiang in my view NOT ye shanghai standard..

yelaixiang teochew muay 夜来香潮州糜

the place had much lower traffic c/w when ye shanghai was here…

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg = S$18

S$18 seems cheap but i think a bit more expensive c/w ye shanghai.

i think the 2 fishes more ex, may S$10 together.

rabbit fish 

this larger than the CNY rabbit fish 知县鱼, seen it before but not sure if same breed of fish.

anyway it was tastier than it! 🙂

kambong fish 

this fish also maybe not kambong…sees it often..also sweet.

by the way i still on 14 days vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with my friend DP until 30.9.2017 so i did not tale the fish, but sis & bil said & i know they were sweet la… 🙂


generally the veg dishes were good but not the standard of ye shanghai…quite far in my view.

veg a simple thing right, which means ye shanghai veg dishes really good la! 🙂

tau kee was ok, sweet, ordinary..

spinach heng chai) 

spinach was ok, but by comparison ye shanghai or even if i cook myself, this was below par la..

luffa 丝瓜

likewise for the luffa 丝瓜..


and bittergourd..


this cauliflower+brocoli was ok…i took the tau kua too…

chap chai 

chap chai ok…


leeks a bit nicer…i think the nicest of the veg

teochew muay dishes=2 fish +7veg

so in my view, ye lai xiang c/w ye shanghai 要矮了一载 not the same standard for the vegetable dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


夜来香 YelaixiangTeochew Porridge (夜来香潮洲糜)


#01-217, Boyang Coffee Shop, Blk 117 Bukit Merah View, 151116


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