Very Good Airfryer Crackling Belly Pork 烧肉 on 2Oct2017

crackling belly pork 烧肉

made an excellent crackling belly pork 烧肉 on 2.10.2017. ^^

this was the airfryer recipe from my RI bro KK & his wife. 🙂

i did it coupe times before quite a while back, probably couple years back..decided to revisit the recipe today….

crackling belly pork 烧肉

crackling was quite good, & meat was tender, very moist with meat juices..

crackling belly pork 烧肉

maybe the crackling can improve further…

crackling belly pork 烧肉

as it is now, the crackling is pretty good, quite ok! ^^

crackling belly pork 烧肉

picking a good piece of belly pork is important.

so a thinner cut, preferably leaner, which is still fat & tasty, and gives you a larger skin & surface area for the same weight, and also more crackling skin per piece of belly pork you cut since it is thinner…

the recipe is quite straight forward-

  1. poach in boiling water few mins to remove scum
  2. that also makes it easier for you to stab the skin repeatedly, thoroughly with a fork- this enables skin to dry out more so can make it crackling
  3. put salt over skin & season the rest with 1 tbsp shaoxing wine & put in fridge overnight- salt draws out water from the stabbed holes in the skin
  4. remove salt & wipe dry skin with kitchen towel
  5. then put a new layer of salt & put belly pork in airfryer preheated to 180degC for 30 mins
  6. take out, remove salt from skin & put back in airfryer preheated to 200degC for 15mins…& voila!

c.h.e.f andy




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