Recipe=Mala Light Soy Sauce Taujeon Steamed Tiger Garoupa on 28Sep2017

mala light soy sauce taujeon steamed tiger garoupa 

after a good lunch at ye lai xiang, sis & bil came over & watched some movies.

bil had to go off for some qigong practice, sis stayed over for dinner at my place on 28.9.2017. ^^

so i made a simple 2pax dinner with sis..

mala light soy sauce taujeon steamed tiger garoupa 

i had a nice 600g+ garoupa from chinatown complex market, decided to experiment a bit instead of the usual hong kong steam preparation.

mala oil 老干妈香辣脆油辣椒

i wanted to incorporate a bit of mala flavouring to my cooking for some dishes. the most obvious would be saliva chicken 口水鸡, but mala can be used to good effect for simple vegetable dishes as seen at ye shanghai, so i intend to experiment on different dishes..

mala light soy sauce taujeon steamed tiger garoupa 

my new style mala light soy sauce taujeon garoupa=very simple & also turned out to be very nice 👍 i tasted the sauce & a small bit of fish to know if the dish was good

for this evening I was still on 14day vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with my RI friend DP, so just eat a bit vegetables other than tasting the fish.

mala light soy sauce taujeon steamed fish

recipe is simple. ^^

just 2 tbsp of taujeon, 1 tbsp light soy sauce & 1 tbsp mala oil.

the rest just garnishing, sliced ginger, chopped spring onions. i had some celery leaves so chopped that too.

the taste was quite exquisite. mala gave very “pang” flavourful taste & combined well with taujeon which is sweet, and light soy sauce added another nice fragrant flavour…the result a very tasty, fresh, sweet, tender fish..

young celery stem with salted fish 

sis left over some young celery stems last time, so i cooked them with salted fish.

this dish actually my sis favourite & she started doing at my place several times.

young celery stem with salted fish

today i did the dish.

it was a very good dinner. my sis was thoroughly enjoying the fish.

i took a bit of the vegetables, quite nice with the salted fish flavour..i am not religious or fixated about vegetarian thing..the whole challenge just to help my friend to lose weight a bit while enjoying vegetables & fruits, and generally having a healthy diet & reduce quantity intake a bit..but since my good friend is taking the challenge seriously & not eating meat, so i do not eat meat also fr this period.

c.h.e.f andy




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