An Unexpected Excellent Lunch at a Metro Sichuan Restaurant in Shenzhen (Day 4 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

口水鸡 saliva chicken

after visiting deng xiao ping memorial 邓小平铜像 and climbing 莲花山公园 in mid-day sun,

we went back to the underground shopping arcade at the station & GY who stayed at the station & who did not join us at 莲花山公园,met us for lunch..

we dropped in at a sichuan restaurant (will find out the name later).

service was singularly bad!!!

told us no tables inside restaurant, then told us al fresco section was closed. when finally seated inside, told us not to read menu for so long!!!

luckily the food was exceptionally good, and 8 dishes for 5pax for RMB251.

all is NOT forgiven, but who cares…lei lei toh mong keh..我们吃我们的….傻子才理你….lol! ^^

a surprisingly good lunch..every dish was good except 生煎包…… 口水鸡 mala sauce was really flavourful, very good standard..

i must try if i can produce the simple flavourful vegetable dishes & revisit my 口水鸡

mala yellow croaker 麻辣小黄鱼

mala yellow croaker 麻辣小黄鱼

i would go for either chilled yellow croaker or steamed fish rather than a fried one…that is until i tried this mala yellow croaker 麻辣小黄鱼!

so fragrant, so tasty, so sweet!

fragrant mala frog 干香田鸡

fragrant mala frog 干香田鸡 was great too! very tender & the sides & mala flavours shiok la!

braised trotters 卤猪手

braised trotters 卤猪手

the braised trotters 卤猪手 was the korean Jokbal (족발) preparation, the dry type with very good bites of the skin & tendons, not the soft collagen skin type. i like both preparations…

fried cauliflowers

fried cauliflowers

the simple fried cauliflowers were so nice! so tasty!

deep fried mushrooms 椒盐野生菌

so was the deep fried mushrooms 椒盐野生菌. really fragrant! how a good 椒盐 dish should be done la!


生煎包  not good skin was thick & basically no soup inside!

GY ordered the 酒酿园子, a dessert i very seldom had. that was very good too, excellent wine flavours…

bil RMB251

& all these just for RMB251…only can get in china!

c.h.e.f andy


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