RECIPE = Seafood Hokkien Noodles on 22Mar2022

made seafood hokkien noodles on 22.3.2022. ^^

key is making the stock.



  • 10 medium prawns (shelled)
  • 1 medium squid(cut rings)
  • 1 fish cake (grilled then sliced)
  • 8 scallops (optional)
  • tau gay
  • noodles & beehoon
  • lar pok (crispy lard)
  • fried shallots
  • spring onions


  1. fried prawn shells and heads in 15g butter, add salt, add water and boil/reduce 2hrs to intense prawn stock.
  2. place yellow noodles in boiling water 1min & remove set aside
  3. repeat with beehoon. cut beehoon with scissors.
  4. brown garlic in 2 tbsp oil. add prawn stock about 200ml.
  5. add prawns, then squid and scallop (optional), then noodles and beehoon & tau gay and sliced fishcake.
  6. off fire, plate and garnish with spring onions.

this a first attempt, plating presentation not ideal…taste was good, and needed more stock(I had less than 200ml)….

c.h.e.f andy


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