RECIPE = Lobster Mock Saffron Fusili on 3Mar2022

made lobster fusiliers this evening on 3.3.2022.^^

modelled this dish after our excellent dinner at curate recently.

it’s mock saffron only decos I did not have saffron. lol!

what’s super outstanding about curate dish was the yellow saffron sauce, and blended superbly with the al dente fusilli, a truly marvellous dish…the lobster was good, but actually 8picure lobster was better..anyway they are fresh lobster so both better than mine….



  • lobster – I used a S$19.90 350g frozen lobster – shelled body & pincers, fresh set aside
  • 50ml fresh milk
  • 2 tbsp heavy cream
  • 2 shallots chopped
  • 4tbsp 60ml white wine
  • 10 cloves garlic
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 150g suqidink pasta


  1. fry lobster head, pincers, shell with 1/2 tbsp butter and salt, add 500ml water and boil/reduce for 1.5hrs
  2. brown garlic in olive oil set aside
  3. fry chopped shallots to some olive oil, and add the white wine and reduce.
  4. add lobster broth, milk and reduce. off fire, stir in heavy cream.
  5. cook fusilli to 1min before al dente. heat sauce, off fire, add fusilli, add 1 tbsp butter and toss, and plate it.
  6. warm lobster for 20s in microwave and add over the pasta and garnish.

c.h.e.f andy


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