4pax Homecooked Dinner on 15Mar2021

made 4pax dinner with lisa, sulin & aunty bes on 15.3.2021.^^

  1. thai yellow curry sotong
  2. claypot tanhoon prawns
  3. fried rice with minced pork & egg

& aunty bes added a sambal petai prawns – very nice!

sotong easy to make..didn’t have vegetables, so just added yellow onions and red chiili. fried with garlic (I cut 3 large cloves into 4 each)…then added dancing chef thai yellow curry paste…last, add sotong, cooked for 3 mins, off fire and cover, let dish continue cooking in residual heat.

didn’t have coriander for tanhoon prawns. just fried garlic cloves, shallots and spring onions in oil, then added chicken stock and 1 tbsp oyster sauce and reduce, and lots of black pepper feel the aroma. when ready to serve, bring to boil the stock, add prawns seasoned with fish sauce and white pepper, then add tanhoon, cook 1 min, off fire and toss, then cover, cook in residual heat.

fried rice I fried lots of minced garlic, then added 150g minced pork and 1 tbsp oyster sauce, cooked minced pork, then added 1 cup cooked rice and fried high heat. remove fried rice, fried 3 eggs high heat till formed, then added back friend rice, fried high heat, off fire, add crispy haebeehiam chilli and mixed. taste and add fish sauce if need.

c.h.e.f andy


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