Grandson 1st Month Celebrations Family Dinner on 4Mar2021

celebrating grandson 1st month family dinner this evening on 4.3.2021.^^

wife made the red eggs & bought angkukueh from everton

& made excellent kale salad, the best!…plus ice vegetables.

i bought –

  • thai style fish head from forture old holland road


  • prawn paste chicken
  • salted egg sotong
  • 排骨王
  • 鱼香茄子
  • sambal fried rice
  • seafood horfunfrom hk street chun kee

at hk street old chun kee at commonwealth crescent

I cooked 2 vegetables – baby spinach & sambal kang kong…

and SL cooked mirin kagoshima A4 wagyu sirloin steak …very good 👍

SM bought passion fruit meringue from patisserie …haven’t taken this cake for like >10yrs…very nice, reliving old memories birthdays for the children when they were much younger..

grandson growing fast, and asking more attention….

a memorable, fun evening.. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


RI Bros CNY Homegourmet Dinner on 5Mar2021

made 盆菜CNY dinner for RI brothers on 5.3.2021.^^

the last time I made pencai 盆菜 was 2 years ago, CNY eve 2019 – recipe here 🙂

  1. 烧肉 pre-dinner
  2. pencai 盆菜
  3. hk steamed garoupa 港蒸龙虎斑
  4. steamed cod 金银蒜蒸鳕鱼
  5. teochew braised hock & trotters 卤元蹄
  6. 白斩鸡 & chicken rice
  7. 3 eggs spinach

HCK brought pair of 对联couplets he wrote🙏

eddie brought 2 champagne 2 reds (real drinkers, respect…jo brought yamazaki, CCG brought vodka (i tried a bit with lime soda) & homemade coffee ice cream 👍

siak brought home made thai tapioca coconut dessert👍

SCG brought bengawan solo lapis sagu kueh salat ..


LYF did the washing up solo…very paiseh..told him dare not invite him next time!.🙏

LCH can only arrive 8pm, so we arranged dinner at 8pm and drinks pre-dinner from 7pm onwards, and I got 烧肉 for pre-dinner bite with the champagne and reds…:-)

dishes were all good. friends all loved the 烧肉, pencai 盆菜 and teochew braised trotters 卤元蹄..only cod was a bit salty…still tasty..

really fun evening with RI brothers..wonderful time chat & laughters & all loved the food..

siak-Many thanks Ser Khoon. Food was great and company was fun. fantastic evening

eddie-All, Thanks for the great evening! Ser Khoon, thanks for cooking for us! Wonderful dishes! 🙏👍

LCH-Ser Khoon..thanks for the feast! eddie..the wines were super esp the white and guys thanks for the company! enjoyable evening!

HCK-thanks Ser Khoon for a dinner of dishes, one “not nicer” (cheow ghee patent) than the other. and lots of laughs and good spirits. wonderful evening!

jo-good Sat morning many thanks for the free food & for facilitating the even freer dinner conversation in very good company.

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homemade Dinner to Brother Family on 4Mar2021

made & delivered dinner to my brother family this evening on 4.3.2021.^^

  1. braised chicken & potatoes
  2. chilli ikan batang
  3. stirfried vany shanghai greens

simple and nice dinner.

c.h.e.f andy