Shiok!!! Indian Rojak @ Habib’s Ayer Rajah FC on 17Mar2021

CCG dropped by,

and we went have indian rojak @ habib’s ayer rajah fc, and ikan bilis behhon goreng on 17.3.2021.^^

really shiok!

and today teh Halia gosong very good, strong and flavourful…

I was planning to just have kopi, but wth!

ended up taking 1/3 the rojak..there must be like 6 items inc cuttlefish just S$10.90!

CCG went to get beehoon goreng as well. I had a little.

great time together, nowadays talking about grand children, lol!

c.h.ef andy


Habib’s Rojak


stall 68, ayer rajah food centre503A W Coast Dr, Singapore 121503


tel=6873 7010


Recipe = Crispy Tori Katsu Meepok Tar on 16Mar2021

made 1pax lunch-chicken katsu meepok on 16.3.2021.^^

I find the my noodles hand made meepok no different from meepok outside, same qq individual non clumpy delicious meepok.

sauce is easy – 1tsp fish sauce, 1tbsp black vinegar, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp tomato sauce, 1 tbsp crispy prawn chilli and 1tbsp oil. perfect sauce combination.

I bought the 1kg freezepak crispy chicken katsu, very easy to cook, just deep fry medium fire to golden brown.

katsu very nicely crispy and tasty, and excellent meepok tar, same as good outside hawker stalls.

c.h.e.f andy