Grandson 1st Month Celebrations Family Dinner on 4Mar2021

celebrating grandson 1st month family dinner this evening on 4.3.2021.^^

wife made the red eggs & bought angkukueh from everton

& made excellent kale salad, the best!…plus ice vegetables.

i bought –

  • thai style fish head from forture old holland road


  • prawn paste chicken
  • salted egg sotong
  • 排骨王
  • 鱼香茄子
  • sambal fried rice
  • seafood horfunfrom hk street chun kee

at hk street old chun kee at commonwealth crescent

I cooked 2 vegetables – baby spinach & sambal kang kong…

and SL cooked mirin kagoshima A4 wagyu sirloin steak …very good 👍

SM bought passion fruit meringue from patisserie …haven’t taken this cake for like >10yrs…very nice, reliving old memories birthdays for the children when they were much younger..

grandson growing fast, and asking more attention….

a memorable, fun evening.. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


3 thoughts on “Grandson 1st Month Celebrations Family Dinner on 4Mar2021

  1. Hi Andy,
    Can your wife kindly share whats in her kale salad dressing, looks so good. From the photo, it looks like theres kale, mandarin orange, red onion, cucumber.. Thank you!

  2. thanks Kelly for stopping by! 🙂
    you made me realised I forgot to post photo of salad..

    so there was kale, red onions, cherry tomatoes, egg, shaved parmesan, toasted almond flakes & pine nuts, dried apricots, and ice vegetables on the side..

    2 sauces – usual balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive oil with honey and a Japanese sesame sauce for ice vegetables but also good for the salad..


  3. Thanks Andy for the prompt response, will give your wife’s recipe a go this weekend.
    Congratulations also on the new bundle of joy 😀

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