Wonderful Lobster and Alaskan Crab Tanhoon Dinner @ Ah Yat Grandstand on 20Mar2019

2pax dinner

had 2pax dinner with wife at ah yat grandstand on 20.3.2019. ^^

didn’t come here for a while.

business seemed to have drop, not many tables occupied.

food still good, prices gone up a bit.

garlic steamed razor clams S$6.80

garlic steamed razor clams S$6.80

razor clams garlic steamed was good as usual. relative to other restuarants which charge S$10-S$12, this price is good, but at a time it was just S$4.80, and a razor clam shouldn’t cost this much…

alaskan crab tanhoon S$42

the server said i had not been here long time and price only went up S$4 from S$38. i laughed.

it was really good! tanhoon so super tasty!

i must do my prawn tanhoon again la…

and we had like 8 pieces of crab legs, which were fresh and meaty and tasty..

alaskan crab tanhoon S$42

good stuff for the price…

lobster in superior stock S$25

lobster in superior stock S$25

live lobster price gone up to S$39 from S$29.80. of course even at S$39 it is a lot cheaper than most restaurants which charge S$60+.there were 2 dead lobster on ice, so we inquired.

satisfied that the lobster was fresh, we ordered that (in many western or newton circle or bbq restaurants, its always on ice, and in markets we buy fish and prawns all dead).

the lobster turned out beautifully, fresh, bouncy, sweet. wife and i couldn’t tell any difference from what we usually eat. i guess we took a risk if it had turned out poorly but still edible…

and steamed with superior stock 上汤焗was just perfect!

ginger onion frogs = 2 bullfrogs S$9

ginger onion frogs = 2 bullfrogs S$9

the best deal here really the bull frogs 田鸡.

i mean even here at ah yat, a lala dish would cost .S$10 and in many zi char and restaurants S$18.

and the ginger onion frogs 姜葱炒here is first class, better than most restaurants and zi char.

bill for 2pax dinner 

dinner was S$112. of course this could feed 3 or even 4pax.

and lobster and alaskan crab are expensive stuff.

alaskan crab tanhoon

a really satisfying and enjoyable dinner. slurp!

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Yat Seafood @ Grandstand


#03-01/02, The Grandstand, 200Turf Club Road, 287994


+65 6884 6884
+65 68832112

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:30 – 14:30

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30


BTNR Hike and Superb Dinner @ Xin Cuisine on 17Mar2019

2pax dinner with wife 

walked btnr summit, dairy farm loop and jungle path with wife and her good friends j and h..

later we went to xin cuisine for 2pax dinner ..today last day and cin cuisine close for reno till 1jun2019

delectable dishes 

had excellent food 1/2 tea flavoured roast duck S$32, mei cai with hk kailan S$20, and fish noodles 花胶丝鱼茸面 S$18..

added a new dish stirfried garoupa with onions, leek & chilli-super wokhae excellent dish👍👍

I will make the garoupa dish and meicai dish myself 🙂

fish meat noodles

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

the tea flavoured roast duck here among the best roast duck i had.

meicai kailan S$20

meicai kailan was very good. mei cai was tender and the mild, sweet flavour stood out.

wife found the kailan a bit tough. for me they were ok.

garoupa fillet leek onions and peppers S$38

the garoupa fillet was an excellent dish, great flavours, very different from the pedestrian one at first culianry and the poor one at peach garden metropolis.

fish meat noodles S$20

the fish neat noodles was good as before. i do feel the broth was less tasty than previously.

ice jelly, aloe vera, ice cream

wife ordered a dessert we shared. a good dessert but i can do without.

tea flavoured roast duck and meicai kailan

today we had a new dish garoupa fillet and of course the fish noodles was relatively new dish, second time i ordered.

food was great, we had a fun and enjoyable walk with friends and excellent dinner afterwards.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM



Good 4pax Lunch @ First Culinary AMK on 19Mar2019

half roast duck S$27

had 4pax lunch with RI bro CCG, and OPS bros HC and WM at first culinary restaurant at ITE college central amk on 19.3.2019. ^^

there is a eatigo 50% discount at 11am. i was here last week, and food was good and great value for the price.

4pax lunch

today i ordered mostly different dishes to try out the menu.:-)

sea treasures soup S$25

sea treasures soup S$25

the sea treasures soup was a nice soup, though the fishmaw soup we had last week (S$30) was a much better soup. 🙂

half roast duck S$27

the roast duck at S$27 was a good dish, not to forget we had 50% discounts!

however today the duck had a “soh mei” meaning a strong gamey taste, not great! i fed back to the restaurant afterwards.

KL char siew S$15

KL char siew S$15

KL char siew was good, though maybe a little sweet. but i guess char siew are mostly slightly sweet.

garoupa fillet with broccoli in XO sauce S$38

garoupa fillet was just competent only. i had much better ones before.

garoupa fillet with broccoli in XO sauce

passable la!

seafood tofu

seafood tofu 

seafood tofu kind of unique in presentation.

taste wise tofu was tender and refine, sauce was good, seafood mediocre. a good dish overall.

garoupa fillet meesua

and this time i ordered some carbs. the meesua came with garoupa fillet and green peppers, again competent, as good this one.

having tried the various dishes last week and this, if i come again i would take the fishmaw, KL charsiew, chef sauce pork ribs, hesitate about the roast duck, ok with garoupa meesua. maybe try the roast pork and the toman fillet dish.

c.h.e.f andy





Good Yongtaufu and Vegetarian Beehoon at Tajong Pagar Plaza Cofffeshop on 8Mar2019

vegetarian beehoon

HC and i went to visit WT & GY..3 of us walked over to tanjong pagar plaza level 2 coffeeshop & took yongtaufoo..

WT took vegetarian beehoon..he said very good..

wai mun joined for coffee later

HC’s yongtaufu

HC and i took ytf…

HC doesn’t take any sauce. not sure how to eat ytf like that leh?

my yongtaufu

mine had too much sauce…hahaha! i like it.

this is hakka ytf had a few fried items…quite ordinary to me no better than ikan bilis ytf at chinatown and the similar one tiong bahru ytf at eng hoon street.

afterwards WM had to go, HC & I went with WT back to his place to visit GY.

c.h.e.f andy


Rong Xing Cooked Food (Yong Tau Foo)


#02-04 Tanjong Pagar Market and Food Centre, 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 081006


Mon – Wed: 07:00 – 14:30

Fri – Sat: 07:00 – 14:30

Closed: Thu, Sun & PH


Good Tong Fong Fatt 东风发 Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice on 16Mar2019

S$18 whole chicken

wife and son wanted to eat dongfengfa 东风发 chicken at ghim moh on 16.3.2019. ^^

wife and son love this chicken rice..son tapao another whole chicken $18.

S$18 whole chicken

chicken breast was especially moist and tender c/w many other places..

chicken is tiny..$18 for whole chicken still good price

chilli sauce, drizzle sauce all good.

other than the chicken being tiny which well compensated by the low price, the chicken was sweet and tasty, this was among the better chicken rice chicken.

c.h.e.f andy


Tong Fong Fatt 东风发 Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice


9 Ghim Moh Rd #01-24 Singapore 270009 Ghim Moh Rd, Singapore 270009

Opening Hours:

daily 11am–8:30pm


Lovely Food 4pax Dinner @ Burlamacco on 15Mar2019


JH bought 4pax dinner at burlamacco on 15.3.2019. ^^

daughter has burple 1 for 1 discounts.

foccacia bread

bread was good, just usual i guess.

lobster linguine in spicy arrabiata S$36

the lobster linguine in spicy arrabiata was very good. we ordered 2 servings.

the photo didn’t do justice. there were 2 half lobster and the sauce was awesome.

i must try making this dish again.

herb crusted lamb rack S$48

the herb crusted lamb was very good standard.

i think comparable with halia.

48hr angus beef short ribs S$44

the 48hr angus beef short ribs their special.

it was good, but not comparable with akira back, which was the best beef short ribs i had.

crostata – dark chocolate tarte

the crostata the usual good restaurant standard.

herb crusted lamb rack S$48

daughter used 1 for 1 for the 2 lowest priced ie lobster linguine were free. there is no discounts for the crostata dessert.

together with 4 wine which is also 1 for 1, i think the bill came to S$160 nett. quite ok i guess.

the dishes were good restaurant standard. we have amex so i will come back for 2pax dinner with wife or use eatigo to get better discounts.

c.h.e.f andy


Burlamacco  Ristorante

Expensive Average Soi 19 Thai Style Wantonmee on 13Mar2019

soi 19 thau wantonmee

son bought thai wanton noodles at soi 19 holland village on 13.3.2019.^^

very expensive! like $5.50 small for me $6.50 large for son.

2pax lunch with son

soi 19 thau wantonmee

soi 19 thau wantonmee

soi 19 thau wantonmee

noodles looked plain but were tasty enough. char siew was good, lots of larpok (crispy lard), a small and simple dish, quite tasty.

but i think fatty thai S$4 wanton mee at beach road was better, tastier, cheaper and larger serving..

also this wanton mee no better/tastier than jian kang wanton mee which just S$3 and you add S$1 for 3 pieces very tender and tasty pork ribs.

or 6th ave or queens road wantonmee..still kok kee wantonmee best for me

the chicken was poor & very expensive at $7! no comparison with my own 白斩鸡.

a friend told me later the stall not related to the soi 19 at banglok.

soi 19 thai wantonmee

S$7 chicken


dumplings was ok, like any other.

soi 19 thau wantonmee

didn’t mind this especially when son  bought lunch.

not my kind of place when there are many other options cheaper, bigger serving and equal or better tasting.

c.h.e.f andy


Soi 19 Wantonmee @ Holland Village

33 Lor Liput, Singapore 277744
9109 1713
Opening Hours: 

Wednesday 10:30am–11:30pm
Thursday 10:30am–11:30pm
Friday 10:30am–1am
Saturday 10:30am–1am
Sunday 10:30am–11:30pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30am–11:30pm

Excellent Roast Duck & Dishes @ Xin Cuisine on 9Mar2019

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

went with wife to xin cuisine 2pax dinner on 9.3.2019..^^

haven’t been here for ages..they closing for reno on 17mar till 1jun2019.

had our usual tea flavoured roast duck 👍👍

it was exquisite, very flavourful very good as always, among the best roast duck anywhere. 🙂

steamed cod S$18

steamed cod S$18

we had one order of cod. it was good even though ordinary, sweet flaky tasty fish, quite to be expected. 🙂

mei cai with kai lan S$20

mei cai with kai lan S$20

the mei cai now came with kai lan instead of 娃娃菜,better actually kai lan done to perfection.

it was very good, love the mei cai flavours. wawa cai 娃娃菜 was good but this hk kailan just as perfect – crunchy stems sweet and and luscious green leaves.

fishmaw strips fish noodle soup 花胶丝鱼茸面S$18

fishmaw strips fish noodle soup 花胶丝鱼茸面S$18

fishmaw strips fish noodle soup 花胶丝鱼茸面S$18

this evening we ordered something new, a fish meat noodles with shredded fish maw 花胶丝鱼茸面..

it was very good, the soup especially was fantastic., better than many sharksfin soup, such tasty broth.

2pax 4 dishes S$56 nett

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

2pax dinner with 1/2 roast duck and such great dishes came to S$56nett after amex love dining discounts.

no less than excellent!

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM



with amex discounts just $56 nett for 2pax

Really Enjoyable 4pax RI Bros Home Dinner on 7Mar2019

4pax RI bros home dinner

CCG birthday this week and he was free for dinner.

4 of us (NCL, LKY, CCG, me) had a small home meal at my place on 7.3.2019. ^^

i made a few dishes-

1 hk ateamed garoupa
2 garlic hk steamed sotong
3 braised wine chicken with potatoes & carrots
4 char siew
5 fried broccoli

hk steamed fish

hk steamed fish

i bought a tiger garoupa, the cheapest type, from sheng shiong. it was S$7.50/kg so just S$4.30 for the near 600g garoupa.

usually tiger garoupa not so sweet and tasty like red garoupa which is much more fine.

this evening it turned out beautifully, very fragrant hk steamed from the light soy sauce and actually the flesh was quite fine and sweet. this was NCL best dish for the evening.

garlic hk steamed sotong

garlic hk steamed sotong

we had recently taken several times hk steamed sotong and lala at-

  1. crab at bay on 11.2.2109; and
  2. 7th miles seafood on 26.2.2019.

it is really a simple dish to do, no preparation almost, just hk steamed and heaped with chopped garlic.

the sauce was fantastic, basically the same as garlic steamed razor clams 蒜蓉蒸, really perfect with the tender squid and perfect with plain rice. 🙂

char siew

char siew

char siew

char siew

i recently kind of perfected my char siew recipe

and i did again this evening. very good.

CCG happily “tasted” the char siew before dinner. some tasting portion lol! 🙂

braised wine chicken with potatoes and carrots

braised wine chicken with potatoes and carrots

the braised wine chicken with potatoes and carrots was excellent this evening.

this a dish i cooked for teban gardens often. usually for the 140pax at TG i used 2kg – 3kg frozen boneless legs.

of course today i used fresh 1/2 deboned chicken. the braise was excellent and nicely reduced, and the chicken and potatoes were timed perfectly so very tender and tasty chicken and just the right “mouthfeel” for the potatoes.

fried broccoli

broccoli was the usual, simple fried just oyster sauce and slight crunchy texture which all my friends loved.

braised wine chicekn with potatoes and carrots

braised wine chicekn with potatoes and carrots

hk steamed fish

5 dishes for 4pax

dinner was really simple, as i only had to cook the chicken dish. fish and sotong steamed on the spot and fried broccoli too. and char siew was marinated 2 days in the chiller and grilled in the oven for 16+4mins at 4pm. so not much to do.

recently we had a bigger 10pax RI bros dinner on 21.2.2019.

i didn’t get to hear CCG share much as i was in the kitchen for a few dishes. this time we had lots of time to share and chit chat.

a most wonderful evening with close friends.

c.h.e.f andy


Poor Tsukiji Fish Market 1 for 1 Wagyu Don Lunch Set on 7Mar2019

2pax lunch with godsis

had lunch with my godsis at tsujiki fish market L12 at orchard central on 7.3.2019. ^^

last time went to godsis housewarming 2 months back..didn’t sit down for a chat for a while..had a good time sharing…godsis was concerned with my god daughter too which i am not much in contact recently.

tsukiji fish market menu

tsujiki had various lunch set (above).

we decided to go with the chope 1 for 1 lunch sets.

ususally i would take the chirashi don, but since godsis doesn’t really take sashimi so we decided to have the beef set. the server recommended the S$39.80 Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku Jyu Yakiniku Beef on Rice in box which was also the most expensive.

S$39 grilled wagyu donburi set

the set came with salad, chawanmushi, potato salad, soup, pickles etc…but all these not important if the main dish beef not good la…

S$39 grilled wagyu donburi

unfortunately the wagyu beef was a disappointment!

some parts of the wagyu was tough! wagyu tough?

& it was not grilled, more like stir-fried.

even though 1 for 1 at S$39.80, meimei commented the heijoen wagyu yakiniku lunch set much better. indeed it was!

S$39 grilled wagyu donburi set

maybe we should have take the the yakiniku set but we were lazy to cook ourselves.

this wagyu donburi i absolutely DO NOT recommend.

c.h.e.f andy




Good Value Thai Food with Eatigo Discounts @ Royal Thai Restaurant on 5Mar2019

S$20 tomyam talay

had 4pax family lunch with brother, sis & bil @ royal thai restaurant fairway drive on 5.3.2019. ^^

they have eatigo discounts = 50% off at 11.30am, which suited our timing quite well.

lunch came to S$45nett for 4pax 5 dishes, i should say very good value, though there were some serious failures.

4pax lunch with bro & sis

4pax lunch with bro & sis

problem with this place as with many reasonable food places, is that no business. we were the only table in the aircon room throughout.

there was another table at the al fresco seating outside.

S$20 tomyam talay

the S$20 tomyam talay (seafood) was as good as any. nice flavour soup, 3 large and fresh prawns, a lot of sotong and some fish.

at S$20 it was a good dish good serving and with 50% at S$10 it is unbeatbale anywhere. 🙂

tomyam talay

good stuff!

S$20 roast duck curry – inedible

unfortunately the roast duck curry was a disaster.

this is a special thai dish and very nice at top restaurants like patara and i thought it good for my bro and sis to try it.

here it was inedible really, some funny taste or herbs my brother commented. i was in 2 minds to reject the dish but we already took some each so i let it go. when i asked the server later when closing the bill if the duck was not fresh, she said ya the duck was not fresh!

S$20 fried beef with basil

the fried beef with basil was good. the usual thai style stir-fried beef, very good serving and the right taste, not special but entirely comptent and very good value after discounts.

S$14 salted fish with tow gay

S$12 fried kang kong

both the veg were good, and a fair size serving.

egg plant garden

they had nice vegetable garden at the back and also on a small plot by the side.

S$20 tomyam talay

we saw the table outside ordered green curry chicken which looked good, and fish. fish though at S$49 is i think overpriced. i would rather go to patara which also has eatigo 50% discounts at certain timing.

so if i come back here, i think the tomyam talay, basil beef and grren curry chicken are 3 ishes and cannot go wrong.

c.h.e.f andy



Recipe = Good Standard Salted Egg Prawns on 21Feb2019

 i made salted egg prawns and made my own sauce for RI bros dinner on 21.2.2019.^^

salted egg prawns 21.2.2019

prawns were done the same, coated with egg yoke and cornflour and shallow-fried for 1 min to golden.


  1. it was fun for me making the prawns, as i generally hate to do deep-frying – a lot of wastage of oil & additional cooking steps, i just do this shallowfried like <2cm of oil sufficient, in a small diameter pot.
  2. do in batches, do not crowd the pot. i did like 6 at a time, just couple mins to cook prawns.

salted egg sauce 21.2.2019

the last time (for a 27pax family CNY day2 lunch on 6.2.2019), i used a ready made sauce. it (the sauce) was not that good even though the prawns were done well.

so this time i decided to make my own sauce. this evening i served 15 prawns, so i decided 3 salted egg yokes would be enough, and it was. so fried the salted egg yokes with 3 twigs of curry leaves and 1 cut chilli padi.

the salted egg prawn dish came out quite perfect, with great salted egg flavours and slight powdery texture, just right! 🙂

for the 27pax family CNY day2 lunch on 6.2.2019), i used a packet salted egg sauce bought at tiong bahru market stall.

prawns were good but the the packet sauce didn’t give good enough flavours and texture.

i did at an earlier version (using for the first time a sauce given to me by WM & J).

this time, i shortcut the process by mixing the prawns in a mixing bowl with fish sauce, white pepper, 1 tbsp corn flour, 1 tbsp plain flour, 1 egg yolk & just mix.

this way cut out the inconvenience & messiness of dipping the prawns in cornflour, flour & egg yolk before frying.

it worked well too, as can be seen in above photo! ^^

and then it’s just to fry cut chilli padi + curry leaves in the salted egg mayo sauce mix, then add the prawns to coat.

was quite excited doing salted egg prawns, my first attempt at this dish in 2014. photo looked ok but that was to me, considered a failure.

prawns were deep-fried. paste was done using salted duck egg york, curry leaves & milk. prawns were very fresh but less crispy as it was done at 4pm like 4hrs before serving & set aside with paste added on in pan before serving. too much milk, paste not viscous enough & salted egg flavour was too dilute. will improve next time. 🙂


in summary –

  1. i prefer to make the sauce myself (4 salted egg yokes sufficient for 20 large prawns).
  2. use shallow fry in a small diameter pot to save oil
  3. can coat with cornflour, egg yoke when preparing or just mix all together.
  4. quite ok w/o milk, if adding milk make sure sauce is not diluted but have consistent texture and viscoity not too dilute

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Thai Dishes @ Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Tanglin Mall on 3Mar2019

8pax family lunch

son bought 8pax family lunch at patara to celebrate an event on 3.3.2019. ^^

initially wife had another engagement so we put that off, but when wife became available and patara was mentioned, everyone down tools did away with previous “engagements” and came for lunch. lol!

we took the S$38++pax alacarte buffet.

daughter ordered most of the dishes.

pomelo salad with prawns, roasted coconut

pomelo salad very appetizing. wife wondered where they always get sweet pomeloes. could do with a few more prawns. 🙂

tomyam gung

clear spicy and sour soup with seafood

all of us had the tomyam gung. good as always.

son took the clear soup with seafood. later i ordered one tasted a bit off.

shredded duck springroll

the shredded duck came as a springroll. had this here before. it was good now as then.

deep-fried beancurd with chilli-tamarind sauce

deep-fried beancurd everyone’s favourite. crispy outside, soft texture inside and great sauce.

golden-fried fish fillet in savoury three-flavoured sauce

fried fish fillet another favourite. server said garoupa, sometimes dory.

chicken cashew nuts

chicken cashew nuts ordinary, competent, a bit like japanese karaage, not a style i prefer, usually thick batter. but ok la…

grilled australian beef sirloin in red panang curry

grilled sirloin among the best dishes, nice tender beef with great panang sauce.

crab meat fried rice

everyone liked the crabmeat fried rice. it was good…youngest daughter and me thought no biggie, any of imperial treasure crystal jade & paradise would do as good or better.

my own egg white fried rice just as good too! 🙂

olive rice

olive rice was good, my usual favoruite.

stir–fried prawns with garlic and peppercorn

prawn was very good..much like what aunty Bes did for our homecooked sunday dinner.

green curry chicken

green curry chicken was good enough. among all the delicious dishes, i would rate this second worse dish after the salted egg sotong.

red curry chicken

red curry chicken very good. red curry somehow more flavourful than green, maybe more lemak.

pepper beef

pepper beef not so popular, basically me and E eating it.

beef though was very tender, maybe tenderised. pepper sauce though no one’s favoruite like zi char stalls, pepper beef a dish i never order at zi char…

salted egg sotong

for me this the worst dish today!

tasted nothing like salted egg. sotong was soft, mushy, wilted.

the sauce was a disaster, no powdery, fragrant taste of salted egg.

my own salted egg prawns

my own salted egg prawns which i did recently, though not the best c/w outside zi char stalls, way better than this la.

phad thai

phad thai was good. not that sweet, but for us, still too sweet. lol!

mango sticky rice

thai chendol

thai dessert

the dessert quite average.

mango sticky rice was poor! mango was sweet, sticky rice i think unacceptable.

durian cake was ok just not my favourite.

stir–fried prawns with garlic and peppercorn

overall a very enjoyable lunch with so many delicious dishes, and great family time together.

looking now at the menu wonder why daughter did not order the scallops and the stirfried seafood (the prawns was excellent so the seafood prepared same style should be good too!)

c.h.e.f andy


Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall

Very Good Hock Prawn Mee. Ngoh Hiang Good Too on 2Mar2019

3pax supper with WM and WT

went supper with WT & WM to hock prawn mee at jln besar/dickson road on 2.3.2019.^^

this period WT can only come out for supper.

S$6 prawn noodles dry

the prawn noodles was very good, much above my expectation.

WT bought S$6 which had 3 very tender pork ribs, small intestines, and prawns.

S$6 prawn noodles dry

pleasant surprise for me! the pork ribs were very good, the chilli and sauce very good too. and the soup very intense and flavourful. after alan closed down his “why eat har”(luckily still got J’s to turn to), this like the best prawn noodles i had.

ngoh hiang S$9.40 5 pieces

ngoh hiang S$9.40 5 pieces

WM went to add order of ngoh hiang. he ordered 5 types, they were all pretty good! especially the crispy one, and the sausage etc were all good. chilli also very good!

S$6 prawn noodles dry

ngoh hiang was great, but this delightful prawn noodles was really something. i will surely come back for this prawn noodles.

c.h.e.f andy


So So Xiang Ji Chicken Rice at Hollandv Food Centre on 2Mar2019

S$5 roast chicken roast pork rice

took S$5 roast chicken and roast pork rice at xiang ji at hollandv fc on 2.3.2019.

very so so la…

looked quite ok…roast pork taste ok texture not so tender, i guess average hawker standard. roast chicken also flavours quite ok texture kind of average. chilli was spicy and quite good, didn’t have ginger sauce.

Xiang Ji Chicken Rice (Holland Village Food Centre)

S$5 roast chicken roast pork rice

i would say an ordinary so so chicken rice, edible and no need to try la..

c.h.e.f andy


Xiang Ji Chicken Rice (Holland Village Food Centre)



Great Zi Char Dishes – RI 14 Bros Lunch @ 7th Miles Seafood on 26Feb2019

roast duck S$36 for whole

today we had our regular meet-ups to celebrate the jan & feb birthdays of RI 14 bros on 26.2.2019. ^^

the organisers (nov/dec birthday boys TCH, HAB, YKK, LCM) arranged a 6miles walk at BTNR. after the hike we adjourned to lunch at 7th miles seafood.

roast duck S$36 for whole

the roast duck looked great, so we ordered.

it was very good! pang and great chilli..i will come back for this roast duck.

fish maw soup

fish maw soup

fish maw soup was good enough. quite tasty.

but not quite the standard of beng thin. beng thin’s fish maw soup is thicker and chokeful of ingredients. see the photo here on 31.10.2016.

this one here slightly more watery. still good by most zi char standard.

garlic steamed sotong

garlic steamed sotong

the garlic steamed sotong was an excellent dish.

basically it is HK steam ie light soy sauce based with loads of garlic on top. and the sotong was done just right, not like many places which overcook the sotong.

this a real simple dish. i will serve this at my next dinner. 🙂

HK steamed la la

lala also hk steamed.

this one was done well, not like the ones overcooked at crab at bay recently on 11.2.2019.

some friends said the sauce a bit salty. it is good for eating with plain rice, similar to steamed razor clam dishes.

hae choe

the hae choe was actually pretty good, crispy and the fillings were tasty.

it was a huge piece and S$2.50 per piece a tad expensive. of course many zi char would charge you S$8 or S$10 for 10 pieces maybe, which maybe not bigger than this one 4 pieces?


harjeongai was good!

crispy batter, good prawn paste flavours, chicken was tasty and not old, not overdone…


spinach was ordinary, actually not so good, a bit ”siap” and also tough.

i do a better dish anytime, lol!

crab beehoon – RI 14 bro zichar lunch

crab beehoon

crab beehoon was the signature dish here, the main item.

the organisers ordered 3 servings = S$224.

price wise it was not specially expensive as the crabs were large and 1kg+. if only the beehoon was good! crab was tasty, sweet, mostly thoink “strong”. somehow the beehoon was not well infused with the broth, a bit dry and not so tasty.

really, my own white beehoon is much more tasty than this la! mine had really intense stock and beehoon was fully infused and very tasty.

7th mile seafood zi char menu

S$475 for 14pax

dinner was S$475 for 14pax excluding the S$36 roast duck

crab beehoon

the 6miles walk was excellent, healthy, good air, good exercise.

this 7miles lunch a good and satisfying meal after the walk.

c.h.e.f andy


7th miles seafood


Great Nasi Padang (CCG Bought 10pax Dinner) @ Rendervous Central on 18Feb2019

nasi padang dishes

CCG bought 10pax dinner @ rendervous central this evening on 18.2.2019

later LYF bought coffee at starbucks at the basement. & we bumped into chee meng. 🙂

nasi padang dishes

didn’t take nasi padang for a while, quite enjoyed the dishes. 🙂

beef rendang 

beef rendang is always good. 🙂

red chicken curry

red chicken curry 

i loved both the red and chicken curry.

reminded me of our favourite nasi padang at zion road. for a long while when children were young, we went there often and also tapao food for home parties, took a lot of gravy and next day threw in chicken to cook with the extra gravy. lol!

those were the days my friend!

(actually by comparison the 2 curries here nowhere near the previous zion road ones, which were very tasty & intense, very flavourful)!


brogedil also good.

sambal fish

sambal fish

and the fried ikan tengiri – batang fish my favourite too…

sayur lodeh

sayur lodeh

sayur lodeh so so…

tofu & long beans

bean curd and long beans good!


we had a really lovely dinner and of course rounded up with chendol.

gula melaka very sweet, maybe the coconut milk not thick enough. anywhere good enough.

after that we adjourned to starbucks downstairs, seeped coffee and chilled.

at first we had 9pax, then i asked CCG to call M, since his office just here, and he was celebrating lohei and CNY with his cell group of 4 charlie’s angels including my mei mei. so CCG galantly invited them as well. they were “shy” to take dinner so all had a chendol as well.

c.h.e.f andy





Average Peranakan Dinner @ Tingkat PeraMakan Owen Road on 16Feb2019

babi ponteh set

JH bought 6pax dinner to celebrate an occasion this evening on 15.2.2019..

SM arranged the place at tingkat peramakan owen road..

they have sets including main dish 2 sides drink plus dessert for between $10 & $16 quite ok..

the set prices ok…taste average not comparable with the tasty dishes like (say) at curry wok.

the sets were priced ok, came with choice of 2 sides, a drink and dessert.

i like the babi ponteh set, pretty good for S$10.

sambal fish set S$15

aunty Bes and i had the sambal fish set. at S$15 quite expensive and small serving of fish.

beef rendang set S$14

wife and JH had the signature sets, rendang and ayam buan keluak.

both were good at S$14. rendang serving was huge and beef and gravy were good. ayam buah keluak also good.

lemongrass drink

the lemongrass drink that came with the set quite average, not sweet so that was good.

beef rendang S$10

we ordered beef rendang ala carte to add on.


and the otah was good too.



we ordered chendol dessert. it was good enough not the best. there was a supplement of S$1.80.

babi ponteh set

it was a pretty good dinner, trying a new place and enjoying good family time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Tingkat Peramakan, Owen Road

Opening Hours:


Below Par Food @ Summer Pavilion Ritz Carlton on 14Feb2019


wife invited to a  bank CNY dinner = 2 tables at summer pavilion at ritz carlton on 14.^^

for the last many years, i cooked valentine dinner for wife on valentine’s day, and we would go a nice place for dinner on another day.

so in 2018 i made chorizo lobster, roasted miso cod, grilled scallops for wife on 14.2.2018

and lobster in superor, stock steamed turbot and mini pencai etc on 14.2.2017..

(it does not make sense to us like to pay double and get 1/2 the food quality and service outside on such public holidays..lol!)..


we started with lohei for prosperity since we are still in the chinese new year period.

on our table 2 young men who cam with their parents-the younger a 3-handicapper golf coach & his elder brother doing an online fashion portal sourcing from hangzhou & guangzhou..

suckling pig

must be a really expensive dinner this, at a place like summer pavilion, but standard of food below par..suckling pig ok, soup ok, scallop poor, crabmeat broccoli so so…

really true during festive season food cost double & taste 1/2 as good..service inside the private rooms ok

this the 片皮 style not our preferred 南乳…anyway it was good standard and the meat which was served as a second course was good too.

for me this was the only par standard dish for a atas restaurant like summer pavilion.

soup with lobster

soup was ok but with ingredients like lobster to produce a mediocre dish, i think much below par.

scallops and sea cucumber

scallops done like with xo sauce, for me a waste of good ingredients. and served with sea cucumber which was well done.

crabmeat and broccoli

crabmeat with broccoli ordinary…and ordinary here means not very good la…

birds nest

almond birds nest ok…

pineapple tarts and niangao

pineapple tarts and niangao for the CNY occasion, done nicely nothing to talk about really.

for me, this dinner is below par and likely cost an arm and leg!

c.h.e.f andy


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