Excellent Lunch the Second Time @ Feng Bo Zhuang 风波庄 at Temple Street on 20Sep2016

spicy fish 口水鱼

#4 spicy fish 口水鱼 – S$18

we had 7pax dinner here last month on 16.8.2016.

food was ok for me and there were a few dishes i liked especially the trotters, duck soup, & the 百叶fried bean curd puff dishes.

we had a spare S$100 groupon voucher, so my OPS friend decided to come back today to feng bo zhuang 风波庄 for lunch on 20.9.2016 before the voucher expires. ^^



we had chinese tea & appetizer, a spicy bean thing, slightly salty.

i saw on the bill (bottom photo) that they charged S$1pax, pretty ok.

jelly fish

#1 jelly fish – S$8

my 2 OPS friends ordered the dishes. & they were a lot better than the last time.

we had jelly fish, refreshing, quite standard, pretty ok.

lamb, pork, chicken skewers

#2 lamb, pork, chicken skewers – 10 skewers S$1 each

we had 10 skewers – lamb, pork chicken.

seasoning ok the peppery 羊肉串flavours but the not well bbq, don’t have the bbq flavours.

frog in bamboo 竹筒牛蛙

#3 frog in bamboo 竹筒牛蛙 – S$18

frog was poor the last time.

but this frog in bamboo 竹筒牛蛙  quite tasty, especially with the sauce at the bottom.

spicy fish 口水鱼

#4 spicy fish 口水鱼 – S$18

the spicy fish 口水鱼 looked wonderful, not quite the usual 水煮鱼standard.

the spices were actually quite good, flavourful, but the fish slices not great, not sweet, texture not great, not sure what fish this.

chicken with 粉皮&金针day lily

#5 chicken with 粉皮&金针day lily – S$18

the stewed chicken with mushroom dish was very tasty.

the soup was excellent though slightly salty, still drinkable.

红烧雪菜小黄鱼braised yellow croaker

#6 红烧雪菜小黄鱼braised yellow croaker – S$18

the 红烧雪菜小黄鱼braised yellow croaker with salted veg was excellent. the frying 煎made it very “pang” & the braising 红烧gave it the sauce flavours & moist texture, excellent 半煎煮preparation.

红烧雪菜小黄鱼braised yellow croaker

#6 红烧雪菜小黄鱼braised yellow croaker – S$18

for me the chicken soup & the 红烧雪菜小黄鱼braised yellow croaker were the 2 best dishes for lunch today.

potato strops 土豆丝

#7 potato strips 土豆丝 – S$9

the julienned potato strips 土豆丝 was good, very competently done, excellent crunchy texture & sweet.

spicy veg 干炒时蔬

#7 spicy veg 干炒时蔬 – S$16

the spicy veg 干炒时蔬 was a bit wet, not so 干. veg were ok, good enough, the flavourful mala taste only at the bottom.

the bill

the bill

the bill for 7 dishes + the 10 skewers came to S$121.

so with groupon voucher S$50 discounts (S$50 for S$100 voucher), it was S$71 for 8 dishes for 5pax. a really good deal in my opinion.

today the lunch was very good. i enjoyed every dish (more or less), and the service was quite ok & pleasant.

it seemed so different from the last time –

  • first we ordered dishes that was almost all good (for me only the skewers were food i didn’t need..), and service also…so ordering the right dishes make a huge difference.
  • like i mentioned previously if you don’t need to ask questions, just order yourself the service was quite the usual & pleasant enough.

after this lunch, this a place i will come again if there is groupon offer, just maybe not too soon.

after lunch we went to essen @ pinnacle for some coffee & chit chat. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Feng Bo Zhuang (风波庄酒家)


57B Temple Street, 058602
+65 62233588

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Daily: 11:00 – 23:00