Good 16+1pax RI G20 Friends Dinner @ JB Ah Meng on 27Jul2016

JB Ah Meng 三楼米粉

#1 JB Ah Meng 三楼米粉

we had a lot less RI G20 makans this year.

this time, the organiser chose JB Ah Meng. we had 16pax dinner on 27.7.2016. ^^

recently michelin released a list of bob gourmand eateries in singapore & JB Ah Meng is one.

great! i have been wanting to try this place since lately my OPS friends have been introducing me to 三楼米粉.

a vegetarian friend joined us later after dinner. he always made an effort to join us after our makan if he can.

JB Ah Meng

JB Ah Meng

JB Ah Meng is located between lor 23 & aljunied road.

i turned around couple times but unable to get street parking, so parked at KH Plaza along aljunied road.

famous white pepper crabs

#2 famous white pepper crabs – 2 medium crabs S$48

i was a bit cautious, ordered only 8 dishes & medium serving.

later i asked the guys whether they wanted to add dishes, they did not need. a good thing too as we don’t need to eat too much at our age la…lol! 🙂

famous white pepper crabs

#2 famous white pepper crabs – 2 medium crabs S$48

white pepper crabs was done well, sweet, tasty. crabs were ok not super.

JB Ah Meng 三楼米粉

#1 JB Ah Meng 三楼米粉 _ S$14

JB Ah Meng 三楼米粉

#1 JB Ah Meng 三楼米粉 – S$14

the signature 三楼米粉 was excellent!

it was not the most crispy version but it was tasty, moist, flavourful, a wonderful dish.

not sure it was better than the香煎米粉or三楼米粉 i had recently at seng kee which was more crispy & also very good. 🙂

i was quite inspired by seng kee that i went back & did a 三楼米粉myself. haha! ^^

potato dish

#3 brinjal potato with chilli dish – S$12

the potato dish recommended by a few reviewers was good.

& in fact most of the dishes were done well & tasty even though not much special.


#4 kampung chicken with mushrooms – S$22

kampung chicken also good taste. serving small, bony & not that much meat.

fishhead 金香鱼头

#5 fishhead 金香鱼头 – S$24

fishhead 金香鱼头

#5 fishhead 金香鱼头 – S$24

金香鱼头 also small serving & mostly bones. quite ex for me at S$24.

fishhead 金香鱼头

#5 fishhead 金香鱼头

good thing the dishes all mostly quite tasty & flavorful. 🙂

crispy lotus roots2

#6 crispy lotus roots – S$12

crispy caramelised lotus roots good too! accompanied by snake beans, crunchy & fresh.

crispy lotus roots

#6 crispy lotus roots – S$12

quite a good dish, not so common & nice to try.


#7 beancurd _ S$18

3 mushrooms beancurd was quite ordinary. for me the poorest of the dishes.

beancurd dish

#7 beancurd dish – S$18

sauce was very ordinary, mostly like oyster sauce taste, not like very tasty tofu dishes at (say)

(both are also bib gourmand eateries now).


#8 青龙菜 – S$12

a friend wanted the 青龙菜.

it was good, like chives & tender. & good wok hae! so done quite well la..

price S$328 for 16pax

price S$328 for 16pax

dinner was S$328 for 16pac which was just like S$20.50pax nett so overall price was ok.

if i had ordered a bit more dishes of larger dishes, probably say S$30pax, not really like cheap for zi char but quite ok la i guess.

we were seated 8pax on 2 tables. nice food & good time together with friends.

c.h.e.f andy