Day 4 – KRW 13,000 Korean Bingsu @ Latteya Cafe Sam Cheong Dong 삼청동on 13Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

bingsu @ latteya café

after a fun experience at gwangjang market 광장시장, we took the subway to to sam cheong dong삼청동@ anguk station on 13.11.2016. ^^

latteya bingsu café

after a short walk from anguk station, we came to a bingsu café, latteya café.

latteya bingsu cafe

nice ambience, & it was not crowded.

cakes & pastries @ latteya café

there were cakes & pastries..we were not particularly interested.

so we just ordered a green tea bingsu (top photo).

it came with almond flakes, red beans, green tea ice cream, green tea bingsu shavings, and some mocha.

bill – latteya bingsu cafe

 cost was KRW13,000, so not much different from Singapore which cost like S$16+

bingsu @ latteya café

we enjoyed the bingsu. the green tea flavour, the very tasty red beans, mocha & the overall concoction.

I can take this again! but I am actually not a bingsu fan, mainly because of the price. just very happy with ice kachang & chendol, but this was different, & I enjoyed it much also.

c.h.e.f andy

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