New Year Resolution 2021 on 3Jan2021

looked back at my 2020 new year resolution.

basically still very much the same.

2020 was very disruptive becos of covid-19. i am still unable to restart cooking for teban gardens community service centre.

i have though continued cooking 2 times a month for HCA Hospice Care in 2020, except for the 3mths CB (circuit breaker) starting 3.4.2020 till phase 1 where i sponsored some lunches…and restarted in aug2020 for reduced number of patients from 45pax to 25pax.

for 2021 i want to –

  1. continue my cooking for HCA and for teban gardens
  2. continue diligently my daily self care routine = morning walks (wednesday run with LCH) and exercises and taiji practice and weekly taiji class, and 10- target 30mins meditation.
  3. and i am starting vegetarian with RI friend THK every 初一十五 (i am certain i will continue this)
  4. start a small herbs patch and tidy up the place

one important activity i started in 2020 courtesy of covid-19 and CB is i started “cook and deliver” once weekly for my brother family, and in return my brother also did that for us. i started with ordering couple times takeaway during CB for my brother but not suiting their palate…so homecooked food it is!

i know my brother think it is very meaningful and so do i, so it’s something we will continue doing in 2021. 🙂

i know my resolutions are underwhelming, not at all ambitious, but it is something i can do, want to do, will do, so they are good for me la!

intended results of self care routine would include –

  1. weight management
  2. monitoring the 三高=blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol (so only target is to bring down cholesterol to 200, the other 2 are normal for now)

the vegetarian part helps in this target as well and also a very small part in sustainable living.

c.h.e.f andy