Good 南乳Roast Suckling Pig @ Imperial Treasure Super Peking duck at Asia Square on 29Nov2020

南乳roast suckling pig
南乳roast suckling pig

4pax family lunch with wife, SL & EV @ imperial treasure super peking duck asia square on 29.11.2020.^^

we had expire S$100 voucher which requires S$280 spending so ordered a roast suckling pig, and tapao…but we ate most anyway lol!

suckling pig 南乳去骨猪 excellent!

just a bit too much sweet sauce at the bottom…

dims were all good, though SL thought crystal jade garage better.

crispy char siew pao, fun cheong were all good..xo carrot cake and crispy fupeiquin good too.

tapao the head & some leftovers…

c.h.e.f andy


Imperial Treasure Super PekingDuckAddress: 8 #02-08 Marina View Asia Square Tower, 1, Singapore 018960 7VH2+HF Singapore   Contact: imperialtreasure.com6636 1868   Opening Hours:

daily11:30am–3pm 6–10pm

RECIPE=Slow Roast Christmas Chicken on 27Nov2020 (first try)

slow roast christmas capon chicken
slow roast christmas capon chicken
not good carving…need to do better
wife felt skin not browned enuf

made slow roast Christmas chicken on 27.11.2020.^^

quite happy with results…quite moist & tasty..will brine for 24hrs next time.

not good carving…need to do better next time, and wife thought the skin was not browned enough…

maybe try 100degC for 3hrs, then 250degC for 10mins…meat temp >75degC ok…


bought capon (castrated male) chicken from cold storage.

trying to produce a very tender tasty moist breast like turkey breast for Christmas lol!


oven 130deg 2hr 250deg 10mins

1.6kg chicken

rub inside with dry herbs paprika, black pepper, parsley, sea salt,

1tbsp mustard, 1 tbsp melted butter

add 2 halves cut red onions, celery, whole bulb garlic, 2 halves cut lemon

rub 1 tbsp truffle evo(extra virgin olive oil) under skin & over skin

place thinly sliced butter under skin

filled soft drink can with 80% water & stand chicken for oven roast

c.h.e.f Andy

Collected Homecooked Dinner from Brother on 26Nov2020

brother also made dinner for us on 26.11.2020.^^

so for this week I just delivered my homecooked dinner for brother and collected his cook dinner for my family at same time.


  1. 鸡饭(不是海南鸡饭鸡,鸡和饭放在一起煮)
  2. 紫色玉米煮汤(天然紫色)
  3. 芥兰4.sambal煎鱼。

nice dinner!

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 26Nov2020

fried chicken with carrots and potatoes
red fermented bean curd sliced belly pork with celery

made & delivered dinner for my brother’s family on 26.11.2020.^^


  1. 麻辣重庆烤鱼(salmon fish head)
  2. red fermented bean curd sliced belly pork with celery
  3. fried chicken with carrots & potatoes

brother said-


c.h.e.f andy

Really Shiok!重庆烤鱼@Ming Tang Spicy Roast fish on 25Nov2020


my Chinese friend ZHL bought 3pax lunch on 25.11.2020.^^

I arranged at ming tang 重庆烤鱼

excellent service & dishes!service is very good by every server we spoke with & asked questions

the signature mala 重庆烤鱼was excellent,very fresh, sweet & tasty.

my china chinese friend commented this not oily, the best he had c/w many 重庆烤鱼 eateries in chinatown usually oily.

all the 凉拌dishes very tasty, flavourful..

水饺good standard if nothing special.

for the fish, we only added bamboo shoots, maybe try tripes even beef next time.

very happy to come back again..& I was back real soon! lol!:-)

c.h.e.f andy


Ming Tang Spicy Roast Fish重庆烤鱼


470, #01-03 North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735



Opening Hours:


Wonderful 6pax OPS Bros & Spouses Homecooked Dinner on 24Nov2020

made 6pax OPS bros + jessie & GY dinner on 24.11.2020.^^

HC couldn’t join this time.


  1. sausage claypot rice 腊味饭
  2. meen si (tau jeon lime) song fish head
  3. wine chicken
  4. sambal pork softbones
  5. 回锅肉with mala cauliflower
  6. 3-egg spinach

Jessie brought excellent jelly dessert. I love this dessert not too sweet and very refreshing.

WT commented the mean is song fish head was excellent, the meensi sauce quite perfect.

wine chicken also very tasty even with frozen chicken thighs.

sambal ribs was ok but a substitute… need to get the woh hup assam sauce to make my really nice assam ribs..

回锅肉 was ok. texture was greta and malt sauce flavourful nd not spicy.

& the superior stock spinach with 3 eggs was quite wonderful.

we had a great time, good food and company.

c.h.e.f andy

Almost 6km Morning Walk & Prime Rib Bakuteh afterwards on 23Nov2020

prime ribs bkuteh
prime ribs bkuteh
prime ribs bkuteh

went for almost 6km 1hr 15mins walk with my good friend CCG at 7.13am on 23.11.2020.^^

beng san just arrived when we return to the house.

had very nice homemade primer bakuteh..

fall off the bones, very tasty and sweet, and fabulous soup….

beng san brought some tau huay…

we had great chat..


curry chicken noodles post bkt

& bakuteh no enough…

CCG and I went hong lim afterwards and had curry chicken noodles…beng san had another appointment and had to forgo the privilege. lol!

c.h.e.f andy

Enjoyable Yummy Yakiniku with Family @ Aburiya on 22Nov2020

wife bought 5pax family dinner @ aburiya our favourite yakiniku on 22.11.2020.^^

wonderful yakiniku dinner. my whole family love this place and short of covid restrictions, everyone will reschedule to join in dinner at aburiya lol!

our favourites inc the yukked, a shabu thin sliced raw wagyu beef. can eat as sashimi or many like a quick short grill like 5secs on the fire…

jo kanubi great too… and recently we had the tokachi karubi leaner cut, also the akami lean platter…very flavourful too..

& the sweet corn, cabbage and king oyster mushrooms were quite excellent.

& of course, we always have our kimchi chigae and bibimen (and sometimes bibimbap)…

very enjoyable evening and good food with family.

c.h.e.f andy

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Aburiya 烧屋Address:60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 4862Opening Hours: