6pax RI Bros Home Steamboat Dinner on 27Nov2017

6pax RI bros home steamboat dinner

did a steamboat dinner for my RI bros on 27.11.2017. ^^

wanted to let them try the shenzhen style 沙茶酱捞阳春面 served with 猪杂汤…decided to just do it steamboat style..no seafood so more of 陆上捞田里捞haha!😂

For my OPS buddies maybe will do 海底捞with seafood..not everyone like pig organs la 😂😎

6pax RI bros home steamboat dinner 

i had a good spread of meat & vegetables.

steamboat items 

shitake mushrooms

there’s shitake, abalone mushrooms, shimeji & enoki mushrooms.

steamboat items 

also had couple cooked dishes. here i had saliva chicken 口水鸡.

iberico & normal pork collar 

there was iberico shabu shabu pork, and also a cheap thinly sliced pork collar (like 25% price).

iberico pork was excellent…surprisingly the pork collar was very good, considering the price.

pig kidney 

pig liver & spleen 

i had quite a bit of organs – kidney, liver, spleen, heart

minced pork balls 

& i made some meatballs myself…

cheese tofu & egg tofu 

both the egg tofu & cheese tofu were nice addition, in small amount. you don’t need too much of those.



i had lettuce & spinach.


the 阳春面 tossed in 沙茶酱 & taken with pig organ soup was what i wanted my RI bros to try out at first..it then became a steamboat.

making saliva chicken 口水鸡

saliva chicken 口水鸡 

& i made saliva chicken 口水鸡. first poached 1/2 chicken then added the mala sauce with fish sauce mix.

saliva chicken 口水鸡 

it was a nice dish, though i had done better recently & my friend CL also commented.

pig’s tongue

pig’s tongue tossed with 沙茶酱 

had some pig’s tongue also which i tossed with the  沙茶酱. nice!

pig organ soup 

i made 6 bowls individual soup portions.

needn’t have bothered. additional work & it was better in any case for each to do himself while taking the steamboat.

low temp braised belly pork

braised belly pork 阳春面with沙茶酱

& i braised the belly pork to recreate the braised belly pork 阳春面with沙茶酱 shenzhen style dish. c/w with the shenzhen dish below!

braised belly pork noodles with 沙茶酱 with pig organs soup @ 深圳东贝爱面科学馆

the braised belly pork noodles with 沙茶酱  with pig organs soup @ 深圳东贝爱面科学馆 was really good! 

沙茶酱 with chopped scallions & celery 

for steamboat i added another sauce – goma sauce, which was a very good dip.

braised belly pork 阳春面with沙茶酱

the braised belly pork 阳春面with沙茶酱 shenzhen style was very good, especially the sauce.

i had practiced this on my OPS bro WM few days back. ^^

the steamboat – is like any steamboat a pretty nice communal dining. the organs were fresh & the meat were nice & sweet & very good complement of vegetables & mushroom, so a quite complete steamboat.

the singel bowl preparation of pig organ soup &  阳春面 was a bit of tedious work & not really necessary, so i did not do that when my OPS buddies came subsequently for seafood 海底捞hotpot dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


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