2pax Homecooked 沙茶酱捞阳春面 with Pig Organ Soup with OPS Bro WM on 23Nov2017

沙茶酱捞阳春面with pig organ soup

after our very fun OPS bros HK/Shenzhen trip 10-14.9.2017, i had wanted to try out the wonderful 沙茶酱捞阳春面with pig organ soup WW (WT’s brother working/living in Shenzhen) brought us to eat at out first stop in SZ. ^^

this time i broiught back 3 bottles of 沙茶酱 from 田子坊 street stalls in shanghai, so my OPS bro WM dutifully came by to be the first guinea pig on 23.11.2017. 🙂

belly pork noodles

the braised belly pork noodles with 沙茶酱  with pig organs soup @ 深圳东贝爱面科学馆 was really good! 

沙茶酱捞阳春面shenzhen style

沙茶酱捞阳春面with pig organ soup

it shouldn’t be difficult to make. pig organ soup quite standard. i got kidney, liver, heart, spleen, sliced pork, and mined pork balls. i had tasty chicken stock this time but anchovies stock will also do.

braised belly pork 卤腩肉

i made some braised pork also.

excellent texture & very nice indeed with the 沙茶酱, nicer than it looks in the photo above la!

沙茶酱捞阳春面shenzhen style

& the 阳春面 went very well with 沙茶酱

沙茶酱捞阳春面shenzhen style

quite perfect really & almost same as the Shenzhen noodles we had.

WM said on FB later – Good standard. Very closed to the Shenzhen original i must say. I enjoyed again no doubt.

pig organ soup

my pig organ soup was just as sweet & tasty but a bit mirky, not 清。

subsequently i shabu ie blanched the organs separately & added the soup, to get a nice clear soup appearance.

沙茶酱with scallions & celery

& i made chopped scallions & celery to add to the 沙茶酱.

very nice lunch indeed, reminiscing our breakfast at Shenzhen.

MSW at ah seng durians

MSW at ah seng durians

after lunch, WM bought MSW at ah seng in ghim moh.

this time really creamy & sweet, one slightly bitter, much better than the early MSW we had couple weeks back.

MSW at ah seng durians

MSW at ah seng durians

MSW at ah seng durians

a wonderful durian moment after a good lunch.

ah seng durians

not much queue today. so WM went to packet some more MSW to bring back.

c.h.e.f andy


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